RIVE: the Italian ecovillage connection

Feb 04, 16 RIVE: the Italian ecovillage connection

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The Winter RIVE meeting: smooth, efficient and a deep sense of friendship

The last RIVE (Italian network of ecovillages) meeting, which was hosted last weekend in the beautiful center of “Tribù Universo” in Tuscany near Livorno has been a real gift of friendship.

I had previously participated in all the RIVE meetings, for about seven years – the ones during the year as well as the big summer meetings – but the last year and a half, I couldn’t participate because of other important commitments. I’ve seen the RIVE meetings growing and transforming more and more, from pretty chaotic meetings to productive and well organized ones.Rive - 1

The meeting the last weekend of January 2016 has been beautiful and intense, with many inputs and elaborations, carrying important directions for the future development of this network. RIVE is expanding continuously, as far as new communities and also new supporters are concerned.

Rive - 2Friendship and absence of judgement are indeed important points that have been identified to best define the connection between ecovillages. In this atmosphere of collaboration, ideas and connections can arise easily, to go far beyond a simple meeting. During the gathering, new social technologies like Open Space and World Cafè have been used to work on specific themes, and also the traditional sharing circle, to look at the feelings and achievements of this meeting together.

Open Space worked in two rounds on different themes: How can the richness of each group shine best; what are the obstacles that still need to be overcome, and what initiatives can be exchanged to make the ecovillage world grow.

The World Cafè was used to focus on what RIVE has meant for me personally and for my community, to then find out what our community can do for RIVE and also for thetribu Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). RIVE actually is the Italian section of GEN. After we looked at the needs of our communities and how RIVE and GEN can support those.

From this intense and enjoyable work in small groups, which changed with every question, a document with proposals was born, one that will be a red thread for the direction of the RIVE.

Macaco Tamerice