Oracle response for Damanhur, November 29, 2012

Dec 03, 12 Oracle response for Damanhur, November 29, 2012

In our choices, remember to apply our principles. In cultivating our vision, remember to include an attention to our health as well as expressing passion in what we do.

May our being Damanhur be expressed through happy choices and bring joy and harmony to the struggle for the reawakening of humanity. May friendship and trust support our projects and support the growth of Damanhur and Damanhurians.


Quick to the undefeated sun.
Reconcile with yourselves so that divine goodness
can manifest itself.
Positive thinking toward everyone.
In the seeded furrow, the response to life.
Capable of enthusiasm when called,
the first home, Damanhur.
channeled efforts, harmonize.
Glimmers still make some lose their way.
Fatigue that dulls.
Insufflation of energy – money
Structures that prepare to welcome the new.
Hospitality to the highest.


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