Oracle response for Damanhur, November 17, 2013

Nov 22, 13 Oracle response for Damanhur, November 17, 2013


The Oracle of tonight invites to be happy in achieving goals, bringing attention to the beauty in everything and not giving weight to the difficulties.

The forces are united and in contact
What drives you to be so hard still
He is Love that is dissolved:
hence the great teaching.
Secret noble name

Listen to each other on your own
Health of the people in attention.

Herald nobility preludes
subsequent awakenings of consciousness
Mystics cultivate yourselves

Plant that grows and embraces the human world
The reawakening awaits everyone
New turns of the spiral to awareness and consciousness

Build the key passage that connects to the new labyrinths
from the woods-skin connect to the sacred viscera
with focused operations
constructed the circuits that lead inside

Defend yourselves from dark suffering
increasing attention
the temple woods recite poetry notes to the air

Get into everything deeply
protagonists in first person

United the fires of earth and sky
in the middle you humans
bridge to access higher levels

with you indispensable mooring of the soul

Weight of the people now conscious
Functions begin again from the original idea

New cycle repositions the center of gravity

increasing signals arrive
from the planet magic power of clear water
refreshes the system

hinterland fire at the peak welcomes.



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