The Universe

Dec 18, 12 The Universe

According to Damanhurian philosophy:

The material universe is a new ‘playground’ for God. It chooses to enter the universe in order to make it divine and lead it back to Itself. In so doing, God will be enriched by the experience of all forms. In order to enter this plane of existence, God divides Itself into a myriad of fragments. It does this in order to comply with the principles which rule the universe itself: multiplicity and continuous transformation. The challenge is to recognize Itself as One within diversity.


Note: the word God is not used to indicate the Unmoved Mover, the Absolute God which is All That Is. Rather, it indicates Its emanation within the world of Form. Damanhur’ philosophy calls ’Primeval Divinity Humankind’ the divine Force which has taken on itself the task of making matter divine.