The Human Being

Dec 06, 12 The Human Being

According to Damanhurian philosophy:

Every human being has a divine principle within. The physical form that we inhabit and the dimension of time and space in which we exist are transitory. The task of human beings is to re-awaken their god within, in order to make matter divine so that the universe can become a fully aware part of God. The search for oneself and for God coincide, as the human being is a ‘bridge-form’ between the material and the spiritual planes. All human beings have this completeness within, and can use themselves as a crucible for transformation to lead matter towards Spirit. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary for humans to elevate their quality of relationship with the world and with life itself, by means of our choices and behavior. The formula for comprehending who we really are involves: an harmonious and continuous transformation of oneself; overcoming the limits of individuality; measuring oneself against action and practical work and  respecting all living forms – both physical and subtle.


Note: the word God is not used to indicate the Unmoved Mover, the Absolute God which is All That Is. Rather, it indicates Its emanation within the world of Form. Damanhur’ philosophy calls ’Primeval Divinity Humankind’ the divine Force which has taken on itself the task of making matter divine.



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