The Triad

Feb 12, 13 The Triad


For over 30 years Damanhur has been carrying on a highly specialized sacred work of Theurgic Magic in order to balance, cleanse and re-arrange the Divine Forces of our planet into a new divine order, a new, harmonious spiritual eco-system. Thanks to this re-conquered balance with the divine plane, humankind will be able to completely reawaken the divine nature, which is in every human being. All the Divine Forces are now connected in a new order, that in Damanhur is referred to as the “Triad.” The names which define this new divine Triad, containing all the spiritual forces of the planet allied to humanity, are ‘Horus’, ‘Bastet’ and ‘Pan’. These names-frequencies do not refer only to the traditional Egyptian and Greek divinities. Horus is the main Force of the third millennium, stellar divinity, motor to the awakening of the god within every human being. Bastet contains in itself the forces linked to the feminine principle, to water, to Mother Earth, to love, healing and the arts. Pan has in itself the generative masculine force of the planet and is cooperating with humanity to save the Earth from an ecological and environmental point of view.


Note: the word God is not used to indicate the Unmoved Mover, the Absolute God which is All That Is. Rather, it indicates Its emanation within the world of Form. Damanhur’ philosophy calls ’Primeval Divinity Humankind’ the divine Force which has taken on itself the task of making matter divine.


  1. Darryl F. Singleton /

    This indeed is significant work! One I have received a modicum of training and have experience with.

    Independent of an involvement with any persons or an organization, in preparation to initiate doing this type of work again and to find like minded energy workers and healers, I began and completed a 2-yr energy medicine program called, “Luminous Body”. It was one of the school’s teachers, Lorraine DeLear, who told me about Damanhur.
    It is my number 1 intention in life to find like minded energy workers to do this work. I am currently studying with another energy medicine teacher whose work includes planetary and universal group field energy work.
    Below are a few of my recent FB writings for your review. The “Crystal Chalice” I wrote for you in response to your Holy Grail post, but did not feel it appropriate for open, public reading.
    If you feel so move, I would love and appreciate any discourse. I do not propose to know anything or have a monopoly on any specific truth. My experience began in 1978 with a serendipitously introduction to the 12 that included, in my opinion, several years of epic energy work. The writings below are musings that reflect a small sample of the intelligence transmitted and experience gained. There is much more…

    I submit it humbly for your review.

    We are nearing the half way point of creation. The dye is not cast.
    The division of perfection is accelerating ever faster and faster, producing more stars, more planets and more humans, spreading out from the center from which everything began.
    We’re now in the goldilock’s zone, but it won’t last long. What will last though, is entirely up to us.
    Will we let the negative force, that causes division and separation, as we see evident in the jihadist, the fundemental Armegedonists, hell bent on destruction for an illusory salvation, the proverbial fallen angels of lore. Or, will we align with the positive, constructive forces that cause unity and harmony?
    Today, we can plainly see both forces at play. More importantly, we are all becoming aware, though these forces in nature tear galaxies apart, or coalesce back into stars with planets with life erupting in every possible crevice, on earth we control both the light and darkness in our world. Not a fictitious supreme being or its demonic counterpart. As we awaken, it is self-evident that we alone shall choose, we alone are engaged in a titanic struggle between whether we as global citizens will choose light or darkness as the dominant force on this planet.
    What will it be? Yes or No? What will the outcome be and do we really have such an impact, little us inside such a vast universe? Look deep inside and answer that question for yourself.
    What will the result be if we don’t recognize the perfection in all things and allow the negative force of creation (division) to become dominant? Conversely, what will happen if we do recognize the perfection in all things and allow the positive, cohesive, unifying force of creation to become dominant?

    Well, since you’re asking…
    A beautiful crystal chalice made with faceted precious and semi-precious gemstones, quartz crystals, cabochons, rough gem material, maybe even some fossilized dinosaur or whale bone, assembled together with pure gold or silver seams. A magnificent work of art to behold, but in truth, a tool that evokes a deep resonance in whoever beholds it.
    In it, we’d pour pure distilled water, perhaps with a little flower essence, place it in the center of our circle, create a group energy field, first by activating our own energy, by creating a chi ball between our hands, connecting to source above, the center of earth below, charging our central core. Then by each placing left hand under, right hand over, a few inches apart, energetically connecting, feeling the magnetic flow between our hands, palpate it to make it stronger and move the energy in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, through everyone in the circle. Once flowing, visualize reaching up into the atmosphere and beyond and pulling down a column of energy cascading into the center of our circle, with the crystal chalice in the center. Simultaneously, all together, we raise our hands to energetically open the circle like a thousand petal lotus, allowing whatever universal energy/intelligence rush in. We experience the energy, its inherent, often otherworldly, non-verbal intelligence, light, wisdom, teaching, healing directly. Then drink of the cup of this divine light, allowing it to permeate, every cell, every atom, every electron of our being.
    Once finish, and you will know intuitively when this is, we release the energy, without attachment, where it might do something beneficial in the world and close the circle.
    All this becomes part of the blessing of who we are and what we’re capable of emanating in our world and to each other…

    • Thanks Darryl for the in-depth response. We are passing this on to our theoretical group from them to study and respond. As soon as we have a response, it will be published here. Con te.

  2. Cathy /

    Beautiful vision Darryl!

    I see in these current times a powerful struggle between dark and Light forces, at all levels…families, local communities, nations, global and beyond. I believe that your work and the energetic ideas that you describe here have the potential to illumine the darkest corners of our planet. Would love to know more about what you do! Where are you based?


    I look forward to reading the response from Damanhur.

  3. Darryl, I agree with you. one huge obstacle we had in our way in the form of dark energy, someone used it to control minds, and that had to be stopped or free will doesn’t exist. I know in my case I sought help from the universe, and believe more than not the universe sought me out, it’s a long story, but through my life journey I found dark forces abusing me as a child/infant, and that begs the question, how many others out there have been abused as infants by dark forces, any child abuse is bad, but in the hands of a almost all powerful queen? I didn’t stand a chance alone. The universe help me stop them in my case before they could start all over again. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a normal death, cause the plan was, get this, the army fire me, and they pick me up and make me an infant again, and start the abuse, that’s how they made “observers.” So, in my head, human head, I’ve seen everything, no interpreter for it, except what guidance I get from the universe (our Sun included and more directly). It’s like walking backwards through time without a map, but somethings look familiar, not seeing the future because if you observe it, you change it, so just possible futures or dreams, but for every action 1000’s, and finding the right one at any given moment to get where I needed to be, had to be the universe of which you are a part. But, I really need you to find out or tell me if you know how my mind could have been controlled and how others might be. I mean as an adult they could only suggest, but having that much control over an infant, the programming and suggestions amount to mind control, and of course, because the abuse took place between 1 and 3, I have no memory of it, just symptoms of the abuse, one such are the teeth rings I have, and others more embarrassing to mention, I’m sure you can imagine or know injuries an infant can get from being brutally man-handled. Took a life time making connections to get to this conclusion and the help to stop the dark forces. I know that they stole eternity’s energy and were greedy for more, using us as batteries, drawing away strength from our Sun, we were all in trouble as far as I could see, and it’s just the last few months that the picture began to coalesce into all the players of the universe and our collective. I have many questions and you have lots of answers. Thanks for your years of study. I look forward to our journey together, and you along with the community helping me make sense of the pieces I’ve assembled and may need some rearranging. I’ve mentioned colors of suns on facebook and know it has/had something to do with future, but still unclear, just as an example. From that I know me an the runner of blacksun are okay, we had a fist bump “black and white shall not fight.” did I say something that could have been upsetting? check out my facebook, please. I haven’t met all the suns yet, and some might not be thinking of a fist bump, help!!!!!