Light of divinity under the full moon

Apr 19, 14 Light of divinity under the full moon

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Every full moon at Damanhur, the Rite of the Oracle is an emotional and engaging moment, although this month, we might have had the most moving Oracle experience ever! Nine moon cycles have passed since the death of Falco, who left his physical body during the full moon Oracle in June of 2013. With this most recent Oracle, we celebrated an important step in our pathway of reestablishing the unity between the human and divine realms, which is one of the spiritual objectives of Damanhur.

Many of the Damanhurians who were present at the Oracle brought a candle with their name and the name of a divinity written on it, according to the classic names of the pantheon which these divine forces Ganeshahave been called since ancient times. There were more than 200 candles lit, one for every Damanhurian present (who has had an animal and plant name for at least one year, so they have had enough time to strengthen these names and be ready for contact with the name of a divinity). In the previous weeks, each chose the name of a divinity, making sure to select one that is different the other chosen names in order to represent the maximum number of divinities.

With this celebration, Damanhurians have taken on the task of representing the divinity whose name they have chosen, with the intention of moving toward the objective of re-composition of the divine unity of humanity. Those who have visited the Temples of Humankind or have seen the book or website of the Temples – know that one of the halls is the Labyrinth, where dozens of divinities are represented in harmony – divine forces that various peoples of The LabyrinthEarth have been in relationship with throughout the course of history. This is the Damanhurian concept of the Triad, that is, the unity between the divine forces of humanity, and the Damanhurian Popolo has taken on the task of representing them, symbolically incarnating the names of these divine forces.

The Oracle was a very moving evening, where everyone renewed their commitment to work toward the reawakening of their divine nature, as encouraged in the teachings of Falco.

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  1. Christa Kraayeveld /

    Buona sera, i am allready 2 days @ Damanhur and want to know more about the “Pranoself”…that’s why i stay longer than i planned. Because the lady in de Welcome Center is Mondayafternoon coming back soon 😉
    i want to “win” the book, in Dutch please per favore ;-))) !

    Con te, Con voi, Christa