Damanhur Full Moon Retreat near Santa Cruz, California

Nov 21, 13 Damanhur Full Moon Retreat near Santa Cruz, California


The Damanhur Full Moon Retreat on October 17-20, led by Esperide Ananas and assisted with Setna’s attentiveness, had surpassed most attendees’ expectations. Esperide never ceased to amaze and surprise us with delight, with wit, yet also with her utter devotional focus in sharing the depth and breadth of Damanhur’s teachings. The deepening culminated during the Full Moon ritual on Saturday. Rob Calef and I felt that we were actually walking on Damanhur ground. It was a surreal parallel. Wendy Grace’s land was a magic to behold, stewarded with so much love through time and with her Selfic Cabin’s power.

We were all so honored by the Skype meetings with Ornitorinco Platano, Cicogna Giunco and Condor Girasole, which deepened another layer of enrichment for all of us in ‘feeling into’ Damanhur so directly.

Esperide arranged a surprised evening, a joyous process for each one of us to drop into acting out our dreamed animal! Everyone was delighted to have had this Damanhurian experience. The quotes below are from our animal selves!

Con voi!
Jacqueline (Dragonfly)

Frog (Timm):

The deep meditation on the prophecy of Liber S: I was then filled with the raw power and radiance of the Magickal prophecy… The profundity and reality of the connection inside of me to the dream of Damanhur was greatly strengthened and rarefied by the experience. I feel that my research has been incredibly assisted and empowered by these past days.

Spider Monkey (Meredith):

I have been to Damanhur twice. The most precious times were the many meals with the nucleo at Porta del Sole. The love, openness, and unconditional hospitality of the nucleo family were so welcoming and overwhelming, it became the essence of my experience. I mention this because after the Full Moon ritual, upon joining the group for dinner, it felt just like being in the nucleo energy I experienced in Damanhur! Being Setnaa part of that energy field and feeling such a direct connection with Damanhur here in the United States was such a blessing. I could feel the energies of the Oracle during our first meeting with Ornitorinco as the celebrators passed by his window after the ritual.

Crane and Buffalo (Mary & Ira):

We would like to thank the Damanhurians for their generosity of spirit. Their willingness to share their insight, wisdom and experience is deeply humbling. We came away from the retreat with not only a global sense of interconnectedness with all beings but with a cosmological sense of interconnectedness. We got a sense of how messy the evolutionary process is and at the same time, how rewarding and rich it is. We came away with a more profound sense of responsibility for our part in creating a new way of being. The essential component is in the creation of community. The Damanhur model is a seed of possibility for all of us!

Butterfly (Jen):

Something occurred very deep inside me. I feel a very strong sense of clarity and peace. I think for the first time I got a glimpse of what it is like to live in community, to see the beauty and divine light in everyone, what an incredible gift! I was washed in so much wisdom, I know it will take awhile to process it all. However, my heart is fuller and more vibrant than it has ever been.

Wild Boar (Pam):

My time at the event with Esperide was a time to have my own personal retreat and to fill my cup… it was more than filled, it overflowed. Esperide’s bright, smart, fun, witty, expansive nature along with her sharing of consciousness raising concepts caused the boundary of myself to stretch both mentally and spiritually bringing expansion and growth. The experiential times of meditation with the Spheroself, the full moon ritual, being in the Selfic cabin and playful sharing took the material she presented out of the theoretical realm and brought it directly into the core of my being.

Seal (Susan):

The weekend impacted my question of the future. How to create a meaningful and fulfilling future for humankind. Being born Cabina quadri under the sign of Cancer, my orientation has been toward ancient healing systems. I enjoyed the talks from the Damanhurians in their desire to move humanity in a direction that has wit, compassion, ecological awareness and connection to the divine. This gives something to look forward to and work towards. I loved the process of finding our animal names and it created a nice bond and humor between us.

Camel (Doris):

What I learned and experienced about Damanhur – their work, their philosophy, their spiritual vibration, and their vision – resonates within my heart and my being completely.

Elephant (Jennifer):

Community: I have been part of a worker-owned cooperative for 10 years.  I have found that a lot of cooperative living and work  spaces in the United States tend towards suppressing the individual for the group and making people the same, whether overtly or subconsciously. This retreat gave me a model of community that not only respected diversity but celebrated it as the heart of the community. We lived (and learned to live) as that community for the retreat.  My cooperative is on the right path, and I feel now I have the experience to share to encourage us to go farther.

Future – One of the most profound things, which is difficult to put in words, is that the retreat opened me up to the future and future lives, and I got a real feeling for time as a territory deep in my bones.

Condor (Alice MacAllister) shares her inspiration for the Tree orientation project: group

I now have a pendulum for the tree orientation and will be using it to orient trees both here in California and in Guinea, West Africa. Trees have been talking to me since 1994-1995, specifically the redwood trees of the Santa Cruz mountains in northern California, and the Giant Sequioas in California and a certain ancient Baobob tree in Guinea that called me to find it, and align with it. I spent my childhood in the trees and they were my protectors. I will be in Guinea from December to February, deep in nature living with a local family in a traditional village in northwest Guinea. Nature is very alive there and very magical. The trees have been asking me to write their story for far too long. It is time and I am very grateful to now feel a part of a family that understands and supports my deep connection with these magnificent beings. Let the journey unfold!



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