High-tech Selfica in Santa Cruz, CA

Jul 10, 14 High-tech Selfica in Santa Cruz, CA

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New and high technology Selfica. It’s at Damanhur, but what if you’re nowhere near Damanhur? You might be wondering how you can have an experience with this kind of Selfica, acquire your tools and learn how to use them.

On August 4, Cicogna Giunco, member of the Wise Council of Damanhur, healer and creator of Selfic wands will be in Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz, California with Esperide Ananas healer, writer and Ambassador of Damanhur. Cicogna will lead a day-long course on Advanced Selfic Wand Practice.

stiloselfThis is a unique opportunity, not even available in Damanhur! Cicogna is on a special 7 day trip to California, to intensify the signal of the Selfic Temple in the Center for Awakening Presence, the site where the course will be held. She has kindly accepted to share her knowledge of the use of Selfica with practitioners who already have one, or those who intend to acquire one. The Stiloself (Selfic wand) is one of the most versatile, powerful and “intelligent” healing tools of Damanhur. There will also be advanced information on the use of spheroselfs, personal Selfica, and the “slittino.”



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