Do you suffer from Sciatic Nerve issues?

Apr 04, 13 Do you suffer from Sciatic Nerve issues?

I once worked with a woman we will call E. E. had a strong pain at the sciatic nerve. Listening to the description of her pain, it gave me the impression that she had a slipped disc between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum, and that also other vertebra in the lumbar region were out of their normal positions. This supposition was confirmed upon further examination.

First, I treated exclusively the areas far from the center of the pain, but in correspondence with it, like the legs, the thighs, the shoulders and the back. This was the only possible way to intervene because when you are in a condition of acute pain, it is absolutely forbidden to massage the hurting area. It is also very important to move the person as little as possible.

After that I did a treatment of about 20 minutes with the Stiloself, there was a strong reaction on the correspondence points in the body related to the individual vertebra called into question. This gave me the opportunity to treat these points. One hour after the treatment, E. called me to tell that she had no more pain. In the following days, I gave her another treatment, putting my attention exclusively on the points in correspondence with the part of the body that hurt. The pain came back again, but in a very transient and weak way.

According to the initial diagnosis of her doctor, E. would have had to be operated, but after 15 days E. had no pain, so there was no immediate need to operate. This story dates back to five years ago, and apart some little corrections, E. continues to feel fine and live without pain.

Generally, the Stiloself is a marvelous instrument to me. The treatments I do with the Stiloself are easy to do because they require no physical effort and they are also very useful in cases where the person, for several reasons, has difficulties moving. Another wonderful feature of the Stiloself is that it guides the hand to where it is needed. Once the practitioner and Self are in tune, it is a matter of listening to this guidance.


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