Il Popolo (The People)

Feb 26, 13 Il Popolo (The People)


Every form is a fragment of God, therefore in order to recompose the divinity inside matter it is necessary to link together all the pieces. When a group of human beings chooses to unite and create their own culture, their own way of living and to share spiritual choices, a People is created. The People represents the unification of the divine part of all its members, and is able to reflect and amplify everybody’s spiritual potential within the material plane. Damanhur has created the Popolo Spirituale, a Spiritual People to whom everybody who so wishes can belong. The People of Damanhur are not linked by blood ties, but by profound spiritual choices. Core values are sharing, solidarity, positive thinking and an active commitment to awaken humanity on this planet. Il Popolo, through the exaltation of everybody’s positive characteristics, creates a spiritual force which is able to act as a link with greater divinities.


Note: the word God is not used to indicate the Unmoved Mover, the Absolute God which is All That Is. Rather, it indicates Its emanation within the world of Form. Damanhur’ philosophy calls ’Primeval Divinity Humankind’ the divine Force which has taken on itself the task of making matter divine.



  1. Darryl F. Singleton /

    It sounds as if you are creating an ideal “womb” for the birth of a new era. The birth of a new type of human being, only possible in the most rarified of conditions, with right education, nurturing environment, right intention without expectation or attachment to a specific outcome. A “womb” for the enlightenment of humankind.
    May it be so…

    • Thanks Darryl. As the first generation of Damanhurian born children grow up, we are seeing the new era come into their own, with their own ideas and experiences. Together with them, we continue our experiments and research.

  2. Lokahi Wilson /

    Not to dis Damanhur because everything I have heard about this community is awesome, but according to my understanding all mystical traditions believe that we are all one. All the great Gurus taught some form of this belief. But the medling together of out intention / energy and consciousness under one positive intention is the most powerful force for change in the universe.

    • Con te Lokahi. We are all connected, pieces of one giant mirror shattered into pieces. Each piece lies within every being, and one day the pieces will be reconnected. The Popolo Spirituale is one way to bring together our talents to achieve together what would take aeons for one to do alone.