The “Magic War”

Jan 05, 13 The “Magic War”

According to Damanhurian philosophy:

The experience within the multiplicity of matter is so new for God Itself – who is oneness – that it could even confuse It, to the degree that forms forget their divine origin. When this happens in humans, their most negative parts take control, leading them to lose their humanity. The god within forgets the mission It himself chose upon entering matter, and yields to an ‘anti-life principle’ ,which acts through eternal reduction and involution. In our universe there are peoples which have chosen destruction as their religion. They are opposed to evolution in all possible ways and they destroy life and diversity within their own and other worlds. Damanhurian philosophy defines this forgetting of one’s divine origin which gives rise to the anti-life principle both inside and outside oneself as the ‘Enemy of Humankind’. Joy, beauty, love, sense of humor and imagination are the tools every human being can use to defeat it.


Note: the word God is not used to indicate the Unmoved Mover, the Absolute God which is All That Is. Rather, it indicates Its emanation within the world of Form. Damanhur’ philosophy calls ’Primeval Divinity Humankind’ the divine Force which has taken on itself the task of making matter divine.