Winter Activities for the Popolo Spirituale

Dec 18, 12 Winter Activities for the Popolo Spirituale
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Popolo Spirituale di DamanhurWe are at the end of the year and a new year is beginning, and we have many activities scheduled for 2013 designed specifically for members of the Popolo Spirituale. In many of these, you can participate without having to come to Damanhur. To keep alive the connection between all members of the Popolo, including those that live far from Damanhur, we have created a new page: click here to be an active participant.

In addition to the activities listed on the page, we have several events for members of the Popolo Spirituale you can join by coming to Damanhur.

Here they are!


On the 30th of December:

There will be a meeting for members of the Popolo Spirituale
to begin 2013 together, sharing aspirations and dreams.

Orango Riso, one of the first Damanhurians, will share his experiences of the birth of the Popolo Spirituale and remind us of what it means to be a participant. At the same meeting, there will be an update about Damanhur today (research projects, goals, what we’ve manifested) and then there will be time for discussion and sharing among those present about projects and how to make dreams come true together.

Click here for more information. We will gather at 17:15 in front of the Welcome Office of Damanhur, and the meeting will last a couple of hours.


We also want to point out the following rituals, which are reserved for members of the Popolo Spirituale:

Making it beautifulWe invite you also to participate in the Ritual of the Winter Solstice that will be held on December 23rd. It is one of the most important rituals celebrated in Damanhur and is also open to guests that are not part of the Popolo Spirituale. Click here for more information.

We remind you that Midnight Action is on December 31st. Start the year in a special way, by helping build the Temples of Humankind. Click here for more information.


Throughout 2013, starting in March, there will be three day programs on different topics to share dreams and experiences dedicated to members of the Popolo Spirituale. In summer, around the photo of the Popolo Spirituale at the end of August, there will be a week long intensive program for those who are part of the Popolo. In the next newsletter you will find the complete program of these programs.

For any questions and requests, contact us!

See you soon!

And a Happy 2013!

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