Inner transformation made easy

Jan 22, 13 Inner transformation made easy

A guest visiting Damanhur for the second time enters Sel Et, the Damanhur Selfica studio, and buys a Multifunction 2 bracelet for a friend of hers. She bought it for herself some time ago and had a very strong experience with this bracelet. She said that she read a lot of books in her life and she took many courses for inner transformation in the last years, but she never had such a strong effect in such a short time, as she did with this bracelet. Thanks to this bracelet, she also had very useful dreams. She was extremely grateful for this experience.

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  1. Gemma /

    Please, I would like to ask you if I can buy one of this bracelets. It sounds like would be a very precious present to made to one of those very special kind of friends.
    Are they on sale? And if the are.. How much do they cost?
    Thank you.