Lift up your spirits, Damanhur

Jun 30, 13 Lift up your spirits, Damanhur

Dear Damanhur

I am so very sorry to receive this really sad news!

The passing of such a visionary who gave so much hope and life meaning to so many is premature.
There is still so much he could share and so many more people to be reached and loved.
It is now left to you and your fellow disciples, as well as the Damanhurians, to continue to carry on his mission to build a better future society and tomorrow for mankind.

I shall stand with you to support whatever you need as best as I could.

My friends, do not grieve for too long, for Falco is now in that better place which he always knew would be his next destination … on his way to many others.

I too feel your sadness and loss too. It is clearly my regrets for not knowing Falco much earlier; But I know those like yourself whom he has touched and made a difference. All we the living can do is to honor him by the life we live,
And to re-dedicate ourselves to the cause for which He Falco had given the last full measure of devotion.

In Damanhur, the world shall discover the open secrets of The joy of living in sync with the spirits and nature.
Lift up your spirits, Damanhur, The future beckons in thirst for the lessons of Falco; That his life and work shall grow and not be in vain.

That, I believe, is the legacy of Damanhur.

C ya soon with love always,
Michael Heng, International UN Labour Consultant,
President & CEO at Energycorp Global Pte Ltd, Singapore