Damanhur Nederland: Are you Looking for Connection?

Jul 24, 13 Damanhur Nederland: Are you Looking for Connection?

Damanhur, Federation of Communities Embassy in the Netherlands

SferaDamanhur School of Meditation:
Second Dutch Group Starts
in September!

You can find meditation groups from the Damanhur School of Meditation in many countries around the world – from Japan to Switzerland, from Norway to Germany. It is a spiritual path that gives you the opportunity to contact parts of yourself still unknown, a spiritual journey that will allow you to experience new events and situations. There will be doors to pass through, tests to overcome in order to transform yourself and find your inner center, and a new alignment with your subtle parts in order to integrate them and change your consciousness.

Damanhurian Meditation has an ancient origin; it is a tradition of wisdom applied to modern society. The journey of the Soul, Reïncarnation, Self-Awareness, the Worlds of Truth and Illusion, the Worlds of Dreams and the Worlds of Magic, Selfica, Alchemy, and Inner Harmonization are explores on this meditation journey centered on transforming the Self and the Society in which we live.

Practical information:

  • Meditation meets once a month on sundays from 10.00 to 17.00
  • The aim is choose a central location in Holland to meet
  • 70 euro a person per month

At the end of September, this new meditation group will be closed to new members.
If you are interested, sign up as soon as possible!

Did you know that Damanhur has other programs for Spiritual Growth?

School for Spiritual Healers: In a world with many ways of discovering and awakening the healer within, Damanhur offers a unique three year training program for holistic healing in pranotherapy. To be part of this school means that you will be activated to give prana sessions in addition to other healing therapies. First Year Intesive 17 – 31 August.

Sacred Dance: This is a pathway of awareness, of exploring the use of the body as an instrument of reawakening primarily through Damanhurian Sacred Dance. Intensive 14 – 20 August.

School of Colour therapy: The well-being of body, mind and spirit through colours, giving practical diagnostic and healing. Intensive 16 – 21 September.

Past Life and Personality Research: A fantastic path to self-discovery of the parts that compose us and have left their mark in time, as well as talent, ability and characteristics within each of us. Courses scheduled regularly.

Mystery school: The Damanhur Mystery School provides an intense journey of self-discovery toward a new magical-spiritual vision of life. By combining all the courses offered by Damanhur University, the educational program offers practical and theoretical tools for radical transformation. First Year Intesive 30 December – 9 January.

Working together with the earth

Get to Know Damanhur

Visits and Programs
7 Day and 3 Day visits

Special Programs
Preparation for the Oracle
The Dreaming House

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22 August
Oracle of Damanhur

10 August – 7 September
EcoVillage Design Education

25 August – 1 September
Week for the Popolo Spirituale

Courses in Holland – Signup today!

Circuit in the Sacred Woods

Communication with the Plant World

After a very succesful course in May, we decided to organize another one! This course will give you a unique opportunity to learn how to strengthen and make contact with the plant world. Did you know that trees and plants can create music? The plant world communicates with us daily and in this course we will show you how to plug-in and raise the volume!

31 August

Hall of Water

The History of Galactic and Pre-Atlantean Civilizations

What if mankind, in this very moment of history, is not at the peak of its evolution, but instead weakened by a loss of knowledge about itself? What if part of the solution to problems and challenges in the world today can be found by reconnecting differently with parts of our own past? The history of humankind is much longer than we are told.

27 – 28 September

Becoming a Spiritual Healer


Damanhurian meditation technique that combines Eastern knowledge with Western needs to harmonize one’s energies and contact one’s own subtle and spiritual dimension. This kind of harmonization helps to release tensions and create inner balance, it is easy to practice also for elderlies, and it is especially useful for healers and trainers.

19 October

To register or more information about Courses in Holland:
email us or skype: damanhur.nederland

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