Damanhur News: New Plans, New Dreams

Sep 13, 13 Damanhur News: New Plans, New Dreams
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And the Damanhurian New Year's Eve concert begins!A New Damanhurian Year Begins

We have entered a new Damanhurian year, the 39th of our history.

The first of September we celebrated another turn of the time spiral with traditional end of summer festivities. On August 31st, we gathered together for a musical concert given by our children, then with individual lighted candles, we created together the light that will direct our path via the Falco Stellare (Stellar Hawk).

For us and our friends, the first of September is a new beginning, the start of new plans and new dreams. This is a special new year given that its beginning coincides with the end of the 70 days period for Falco, that is to say, with his complete detachment from this plane of existence.

New plans and new dreams: this is the call to action that Damanhur gives to old and new friends alike – an invitation that ensures that time will always be the great container of important events beautifully and intensely experienced by each of us.

Why should you Participate in a program for the Popolo Spirituale?

Damanhur Foto di Popolo 2013

ALESSANDRA (Canada): Now that I have had a “taste”, I understand your love for humanity so much more!!

ANDRIA (Cyprus): Now that I know that there are people like me, I feel like I have a second home; I have received so much energy from you that I can now take to my people.

GIUSI (Italy, Bergamo): It has been an experience that has filled my heart. Now that I have experienced it for myself, I finally understand what Damanhur is.

LUISA (Italy, Brescia): This week, dense with gatherings, work, rituals, magical moments and joyous parties, has nourished me deeply and my need to belong to something “bigger”.

Click here for more information about the Popolo Spirituale

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SferaDamanhur School of Meditation:

Introductory International Course

starts in October!

You can find Damanhur meditation groups in many countries around the world – from Japan to Switzerland, from Norway to Germany. It is a spiritual path that gives you the opportunity to contact parts of yourself still unknown, a spiritual journey that will allow you to experience new events and situations. There will be doors to pass through, tests to overcome in order to transform yourself and find your inner center, and a new alignment with your subtle parts in order to integrate them and change your consciousness.

Damanhurian Meditation has an ancient origin; it is a tradition of wisdom applied to modern society. The journey of the Soul, Reincarnation, Self-Awareness, the Worlds of Truth and Illusion, the Worlds of Dreams and the Worlds of Magic, Selfica, Alchemy, and Inner Harmonization are explorers on this meditation journey centered on transforming the Self and the Society in which we live.

And now you can participate online:

  • Weekly meetings for one hour via Skype
  • plus four annual four day meetings (every three months) at Damanhur
  • Meetings include lessons, exercises and guided meditations.

To begin this spiritual path, contact us now!

How wonderful to celebrate the first Summer Solstice ritual at the great circle in the nucleo community of Pedja!

The calendar for the coming weeks is filling up fast: Sunday the 22nd is the Ritual of the Autumn Equinox and we are already opening the doors for the following ritual celebration, the Commemoration of the Dead, which will be held in the first days of November.

As always, if you wish to join us, we ask you to please register early with the Welcome Office so we can best organize your stay.

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