Damanhur News August 2012: Coming together for festivals, celebrations and rituals

Aug 07, 12 Damanhur News August 2012: Coming together for festivals, celebrations and rituals
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Coming together for
festivals, celebrations and rituals

Damanhur in 2012

Here we are, more than halfway into 2012, the long-awaited year representing revolution of the spirit and deep earth changes. I am grateful to be rooted here in the spiritual and community matrix of Damanhur as the planet shifts and comes into a new equilibrium.

circle of communityLast month, we concluded celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of the Temples of Humankind opening the world. Then, more than 400 people from communities in Italy joined us in the town of Vidracco for the RIVE Italian Ecovillage Network annual gathering – tent villages, communal kitchens, open air meeting spaces and marketplaces springing up all over the place, to share inspiration and community building projects.


Up next: the Popolo Spirituale Festival (August 27 – September 2), which includes the Damanhur New Year’s Eve celebration (August 31). Then we glide through the turning points of the seasons with the Great Rituals (with preparatory meditation in the Temples of Humankind the day before the ritual): Autumn Equinox (September 22 – 23), the Commemoration of the Dead (October 27 – 28), and Winter Solstice (December 22 – 23). We seal the calendar year 2012 with celebration and togetherness during Midnight Action in the Temples of Humankind (Decemeber 31) on New Year’s Eve. The Temples are also open for Contact with the Cosmos (September 22 – 23 and December 22 – 23), where you spend the night gaining insight into your pathway using the powerful catalyzing energies of the Temples.

We gather on stage to move togetherThe events and celebrations that we hold here are more than just fun times for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, even though we certainly share in creative joy together at every occasion. Our big celebrations are openings of spiritual light, where Damanhur becomes a stage for interweaving the perfect mixture of sychronicity, encounters and events. You are welcome to join us in this magical experiment!


at Damanhur


What’s Your Tree

August 10-18

Astral Travel

2nd level

August 25-26


School for
Spiritual Healers

Aug 20-Sept 4

first year intensive


Damanhurian Self-Massage

Sept 8


Communication with
the Plant World

Sept 15-16


Inner Senses

Sept 15-16

Mystery School

Sept 28-Oct 7
first year intensive

Past Lives Research

Sept 29-30


Spiritual Physics

Oct 4-5


Inner Personalities

Oct 13-14


Recognizing and Interpreting
Inner Answers

Nov 10-11


Know the Tarot

Dec 1-2


New Life

Every month, we welcome New Life participants from all over the world who dive right into community life at Damanhur for three months. The invitation is still open!

Click here to for more information and how to join New Life

Click here for stories from New Life participants

The Oracle

Rite of the Oracle every full moon: May the Oracle, source of joy, light and inspiration, give us the ability to receive insight. It is spiritual nourishment to share in the sacred ritual of the Oracle. – Click here for information, dates and reservations


Popolo Spirituale Festival

August 27 – September 2

Damanhur Theatre group!This festival is dedicated to exploring the meaning of being a Popolo Spirituale, to finding connections between the people and projects that are part of it. The one week program is open to members of the Popolo Spirituale, and also to those who are not part of it yet and who desire to know more about the magical places, traditions, history, myths and philosophy of Damanhurian. The week includes activities, lessons, social and ritual moments... Click here for more information and registration

Damanhurian New Year’s Eve
and Stellar Hawk Ritual

August 31

Damanhur New Year’s Eve is celebrated on August 31st every year, as September 1st is the beginning of the Damanhurian calendar year. During this celebration, the Stellar Hawk ritual takes place, with members of the Popolo Spirituale each lighting a candle to represent themselves...Click here for more information and registration

Visits and Meditations (click for details)

When you visit Damanhur, you are sharing in
30+ years of
spiritual and social

Temples of Humankind

Sacred Woods

Music of the Plants

Stone Spirals

Spiritual Physics

Meditations in the Temples

Clay Scupture

Meditation to prepare for Rituals

and more…


Shorter and longer
visits are available…
Click here
for details on
the 7 Day Visit
the 3 Day Visit

The Great Rituals

Standng stones and SpiralsWith preparatory meditation in the Temples of Humankind the day before each ritual.

Autumn Equinox,

September 22 – 23

In ancient tradition, the Autumn Equinox is the starting point for a new year. Celebration of the clarity in Nature while with calm and dignity it prepares for the winter sleep. Meditation contacting the element Air on Sept 22.

Commemoration of the Dead, October 27 – 28

This is a ritual dedicated to the rhythm of existence: birth – generation – rebirth. The twelve herbs offered during this ritual represent the twelve months of the year. Meditation connected to the element Earth on Oct 27.

Winter Solstice, December 22 – 23

The Winter Solstice is the moment when the night ends its conquest and the sun victoriously begins to recover some minutes of every day until it triumphs at the Summer Solstice. Meditation connected to the element Fire on Dec. 22.

Click here for more information and registration for all the Great Rituals

Click here for 3 day visits – Great Rituals Special Edition

New Year’s Eve Midnight Action

December 31

Wait for the stroke of midnight in the Temples of Humankind together with the people of Damanhur. The Temples of Humankind open its halls to everyone who wishes to participate in its creation during this Meditative-Action immersed in the vitality of the Temples. At midnight, celebrate together with the Winter Cornucopia ritual in Hall of Earth...Click here for more information and registration

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

Damanhur Open Temple

A Spiritual EcoCommunity nestled in the hills of Northern Italy that promotes a culture of peace and holistic sustainability through solidarity, respect for the environment, arts and education.


Life in Action – Action through Play – Play integrated into Life
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