Damanhur News: Celebrations on the path to Self-Sufficiency

Nov 09, 12 Damanhur News: Celebrations on the path to Self-Sufficiency
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Self-Sufficiency in 2013, our primary goal

Salute!We are Damanhurians, we live in a magic place at the crossing of four synchronic lines – the great rivers of energy which connect the planets of this Universe having any form of life. We are researches, temple builders, agriculturalists, artists, magicians, travelers, students, players, entrepreneurs, musicians, and most of all, friends. We are people who dream One Dream together, and we want you to come and join us. Come for a day, week or few months

In this moment, we are focused on achieving full self-sufficiency: transforming more territories into fertile agriculture fields, renewing damanhurian handcrafts, extending our laboratories. We continue to produce performances, Music of the Plants, conferences and study programs. Each nucleo community inside of Damanhur is experimenting with different ways to become more self-sufficient. We are a People and enjoy showing that through our way of living. We believe Humanity’s future is based on living in communities and tribes guided by solidarity and reciprocal giving.

Choose your path to Damanhur:
Visitor, Student or New Life temporary citizen.

If you come as a Visitor, you can enjoy the different Programs the Welcome Office offers every month. On the right you will find visit dates. Visiting Damanhur gives you the ability to participate in our many events:

Coro di Damanhur

CONCERTS: On the 19th and 22nd of December, there will be a special concert of the “Poem of Anansal”. After 20 years, this ancient poem is back on stage, enriched with new compositions and performed in sacred language by a troupe of actors, dancers and the choir of Damanhur.

CELEBRATIONS: December is filled with activities starting on 23rd of December with the Winter Solstice, and for those who are part of the Popolo Spirituale, the Purification of the Popolo. The Damanhurian full moon ritual, the Rite of the Oracle takes place on 27th.

NEW YEAR EVE: The winter Cornucopia ritual in the Temple of Humankind is on the 31st, as is our famous New Year’s Eve celebration, Midnight Action. Give yourself the opportunity to start a new year in an original way!


In case you cannot be with as this winter, visit us online, download for free the book “A day in the life in Damanhur” or purchase the book “Stories of an Alchemist” to stay close to the community.

Visit Damanhur

30+ years of
spiritual and social

Short and long visits
available. Click here:
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Temples of Humankind
Sacred Woods
Music of the Plants
Stone Spirals
Spiritual Physics
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and more…


Upcoming Rituals:
December 23
November 27
December 27
New Year’s Eve
Music of the Plants CD cover

Kosha shares collective intelligenceIf you come for a Study program, we invite you to join the Winter Festival from the 28th to 30th December, a 3-day program where we open the University doors and showcase the main fields of Damanhurian research. And starting in mid-December, there will be a variety of schools and courses offered:

SCHOOLS: The first meeting of the next School for Spiritual Healers takes place from the 3rd to the 16th of December, the Mystery school meets from the 30th ’till the 9th of January. If you’re interested in color research, Cromoterapy school is from the 1st to the 6th January. And the three month study, “The Magic of Damanhur through Selfica, Arts and Esoteric Physics”, which is part of the New Life program, is taking place from 7 January until 30 March 2013.

COURSES: If your visit to Damanhur is short, then enjoy some of our two day and one day courses. Check the calendar on the right for the latest dates.


We made it... 4000 citizens, spiritual people and friends of Damanhur!!Even if you come to study, we always recommend you arrive one day early and take a guided tour to Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind. Remember that choosing a study program also means you can enjoy our Concerts and Celebrations at Damanhur.

Courses at Damanhur

Dec 15-16
Dec 15-16
Dec 21-22
Dec 22-23
Dec 22-23
Dec 25-26
Dec 28
Dec 30

Greetings from the earth houseLive with as! If your interest is deeper and you’d like to explore life with as, join the New Life program – 3 month temporary citizenship where you get to participate in daily life, studies, and self-sufficiently. If you choose the basic program you can join us immediately. If you choose the extended study program, you need to arrive by the end of December 2012.

In case you’re coming from far away, Damanhur is situated in the north of Italy, not far away from Venice, Milan and Turin, close to the famous Egyptian museum. During the winter, it’s possible to visit the mountains and go skiing. Remember that being a temporary citizen gives you the chance to participate in courses, celebrations and become part of the Popolo Spirituale. Invite your friends to come and start this new adventure with you!

New Researchers: The School of Meditation had its first International study group course this autumn. The next meeting is scheduled for late winter 2013 and is open to new students. Information on how to take part in this new program and become a part of the spiritual path of Damanhur will be in the December newsletter.

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

Damanhur Open Temple

A Spiritual EcoCommunity nestled in the hills of Northern Italy that promotes a culture of peace and holistic sustainability through solidarity, respect for the environment, arts and education.


Life in Action – Action through Play – Play integrated into Life
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