Compressing 22,000 years into three days

Nov 27, 13 Compressing 22,000 years into three days

The first time I came to Damanhur, I felt like I was floating through a lucid dream, sensing that everything and everyone was so familiar and yet so otherworldly. I wrote a postcard to my friend in Texas saying that I found ‘Esoteric Disneyland,’ since it felt like the mothership of magical knowledge and practice, along with community life, eco-housing, cooperatives, organic agriculture, art and healing, not to mention the underground Temples of Humankind – everything I wanted in a village and more. What a ride! A magical place where dreams not only come true, they are the bricks with which everything that has been built.

There were so many things to discover about Damanhur and I only had a week. How to choose between “Galactic Civilizations and Atlantis” and “Sacred Dance”?Selfica
“Magical Signs and Divination” and “Music of the Plants”? It was all extraordinary, fascinating, new and yet ancient… resonant in resurfacing memories.

 I was lucky enough to have the three day Summer Special Program going on that week, because it offers glimpses and experiences of all these and other intriguing areas of Damanhur magical research.



The Winter Special Program is coming up December 28 – 31… come and discover
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