Chalice of Time: a prize for healing art

Nov 29, 13 Chalice of Time: a prize for healing art


I participated in the Art Medicine and Creativity art competition in Vidracco, Italy with one of my silk paintings, and to my surprise, I won first prize! My painting is entitled “Chalice of Time” and like many of my paintings, it is painted with water-based colors on a homemade silk canvas. I shared the first prize award with another artist named Alberto Bongini, who made a painting dedicated to Hippocrates.

The three day event at Vidracco was full of fascinating events. There were many participating artists including several Damanhurians, and there were also workshops and lectures dedicated to the relationship between art and medicine. I really enjoyed myself during the art exhibition, as each of us shared about ourselves and our art.So much therapeutic art

In the days before the event, I received a proposal to publish one of my poetry collections, the second after “Anomalia d’un azzurro (Anomaly of an azure)”. So this has been a very “artistic” and happy time for me.

– Ciprea Calendula –



Does your inner artist need to express itself? Artistic expression and inspiration is a component of the 5 Day Visit to Damanhur, in addition to the Temples of Humankind, Sacred Woods and Music of the Plants, Spiritual Physics and Stone Spirals!