Honoring an elder and healer: Naga Ginestra

Feb 02, 14 Honoring an elder and healer: Naga Ginestra

On Tuesday night January 28, Naga Ginestra passed away and is now continuing her soul’s journey.

Naga (Giovanna Pollano) would have been 78 years old at the beginning of February. She quietly passed away while asleep in her bed at the nucleo community Porta della Luna (Moon Door), where she lived with her husband (of 57 years!) Fringuello Papiro. She departed simply, silently, in her extremely reserved way of being.

Naga has been at Damanhur since the beginning. She was born in Bardonecchia, Italy and was a spiritual healer even before she met Falco and came to Damanhur. She was also a massage therapist, knowledgeable about thousands of things, active in the Way of the Oracle from its initial phase. We feel joyful to have known this woman of great heart and sensitivity, who was always very attentive and caring for children, plants and flowers. May your journey be peaceful and sweet, Naga!

In the coming days, the traditional Damanhurian funeral ritual will be held for Naga at the Open Temple Damjl.

Below is the English translation of the words in this video, with a poem Naga wrote about ‘La Baita’, one of Damanhur’s sacred spaces.

Naga Ginestra
dedicated to the ‘Baita’

Sweet the path that brings me to you
strong the hope and love
that makes every heart bloom.
Let your thoughts be carried by the wind
Let yourself be cradled by time
which brings you memories.

I feel in me the power of these forces.
I enter into them and it seems to me
that I guide them with indifference
in their maximum spiritual expression.

A sweet melancholy leads me
to the magic of my life,
of silence, of divine peace,
I thank you Nature,
I thank you so much because joy is within me.

I let myself be cradled with pleasure
by so much beauty,
nourishment and strength
for my soul.

Every time I enter into this sacred place,
my mood immediately changes.
I let myself be permeated by the silence
that emanates everywhere,
and I put on my slippers
so I don’t make any noise when I walk.

At the Baita, everything becomes more flowing.
Every thought becomes more dense, takes form,
and enriches my inner Naga e Fringuellodivinity.
My body takes form.

I am all the seasons, all the emotions of love.
I am queen of the day and the night,
I descend into the silence.

The sun is like love,
when it illuminates the soul
and warms the heart.

It’s incredible how the days pass,
the months and the years flow so fast,
today is already yesterday.
And the wind carries the past with it,
already far away.

Only memories remain,
which have left a trace
through my thoughts, my actions
and the spiritual growth achieved.

Don’t be in a hurry.
Water always returns to its own river.

Where there is light, there is joy.
Every day, every instant,
I feel something subtly entering into me
something that I perceive
as the energy of the Triad,
which expands in my entire body,
and in this way, giving meaning to things
and more awareness of reality.

There is a great silence
and everything movesPorta della Luna living room
with lightness and harmony.

It is a great mosaic
perfectly executed
where synchronicity
brings forth its contribution
realizing every desire and dream.

A play of color and beauty.
Moments of joy and amazement
resonate in me
as if I were seeing them for the first time,
and I am in love.

I have meditated on the life cycle of nature,
on myself and still other things,
I was so touched,
everything so real and sometimes difficult
in understanding, in the meaning,
for those who don’t believe.

I hear and I am silence.

Naga Ginestra
8 February 1936 – 29 January 2014




  1. Torben Christiansen /

    Receiver my condolenses. She was a great loving woman and i keep the flowers she gave me for the rest of my days.
    Torben, Denmark

    • Thank you for your kind condolences, Torben. Naga is a very special soul, and we miss her very much. That’s very sweet that you are keeping her flowers! all the best. con te!


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