We prepare for the Commemoration

Jun 29, 13 We prepare for the Commemoration

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 30th, the Commemoration of Falco during the ritual of the ashes will be held in the Open Temple at Damjl. The ceremony takes place at 4pm (16.00).

In these final hours, Falco’s ashes, after being visited by so many, are now being watched over by Damanhurians in an intimate and emotional atmosphere that touches us all.

In following with Falco’s teachings and example, we prepare for tomorrow with the intention that it will be a moment of joy and new beginning. We thank all those that have come to pay their respects, that have written, that have been close to us in this time. We hope that in this moment of silence and reflection, our optimism, our gratitude, and our great dreams for the future are reflected out to all our friends.

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  1. Troy /

    The essence of Damanhur sparks a knowing of the connection between all….
    Thank you Falco for your visions and dreams.
    See you in another life brother.

  2. Barbara /

    Dear ALL in Damanhur,

    I feel the energy and share this time today and tomorrow with my heart and mind.
    I live in Brighton/UK ; and the “distance” doesn’t matter to me.

    I’m very grateful to be with ALL of you.

    Love and peace from Barbara Hartmannn

  3. Susan Draughon /

    I am honored to be a friend of Damanhur. I will be with you in Spirit tomorrow.

    Susan Draughon
    North Carolina