Oracle response for Damanhur, February 16, 2014

Feb 18, 14 Oracle response for Damanhur, February 16, 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION

The Oracle of tonight invites friendship, courage, union, strength and determination.


The lifeline even stronger.
Supports for the Popolo arrive.
The ripe time for those who have sown.
Of the gift of awareness in the chosen ones the scents.
The new breath that you hear in you, follow.
Agreement of rebirths, recognize one another.
New photograph,
new game to confuse.
The revival,
change, is vital.
Ancient threads of memory
the first sounds
The united territories reciprocate with appropriate antidotes.
In the light the time territory expands,
times and dimensions in movement.
Train your subtle bodies to feel.
A sudden landing.
The opposition in you keep in vigilance.
Anticipate external attacks
with illuminating, departing tones
your dream as an arrow.
Surprises, new scenarios
are still waiting for you.



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