Oracle for Damanhur, April 2014

Apr 17, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, April 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION




The Oracle of this evening is dedicated and intended to create a connection between the divine forces and Damanhurians, through the names chosen by each Initiate. This connection, if nourished, may bring about great inner transformation in everyone.


A more focused mission begins now.
Divine birth within you brings change.
Place noble parts of your soul in the Popolo
Attention to language,
your words are now denser and more able to create,
watch over each other.
You, modern incarnated divinities
you can change the world.
Political movement
integral part of the new missions.
Be very ready
for visible and useful turmoil in the world.
Rituals for extraction of memories
Engaged memories transform the vision.
Transform your rivers into open seas
toward the diversity between you and the worlds.
The Spirals participate with will
in the liberation of Humankind:
honor them with your love,
whole families have come.
Humankind reconquers subtracted pieces.
Young and old in simultaneous rejuvenation
give birth to a new Genesis.
New sciences prepared.
Magic of creating, work in genetics.
Measure time in synchronic opportunities to complete.


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  1. The special qualities of the spiritual dimension contained in the worldview of Damanhur sets it apart from the rest of the sustainable communities. This is the energy which is carrying us to the next stage of development. I am so pleased, that the article I submitted to the international journal “Futures” about Damanhur has been accepted, so the rest of the world can hear the Damanhurian message. May more people be attracted to drink from the well of this knowledge.(I am responding to #bookcontest).

    • Marta,

      Thank you so much for your comment. You are entered in the contest!

      Congratulations on your article in ‘Futures!’ We’re very excited about seeing it when it is published. The spiritual heart of Damanhur is quite unique and creates a strength and direction for us as a sustainable community.

      Thanks again for sharing. Con te!


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