Oracle for Damanhur, May 2014

May 15, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, May 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION



The Oracle of this evening is dedicated to Falco, to the gifts bestowed to the Popolo, to his plant name and birthday.


In the divine name
the seed of the secret code.
Orient yourselves to new stellar heights,
Be the placenta that nourishes a new body.
Exercises of purity, of humility
as a school to be divine.
Pulsate with your divine virtues.
Refresh courses, new ones to be prepared
to guide
the transformation of initiated humans.
To all of humanity, connect
ethical principles and awakenings.
New alliances
symphonies for evolved worlds.
Learn to hear another, others.
Past strategies lead
to new and important scenarios, opening
Be volunteers for the reconstruction
of this new world.
Transform into opportunities
the human limitations you encounter.
Be prepared to change
your initial native memories
into higher frequencies.


divine perspective

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