Oracle for Damanhur, March 2014

Mar 19, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, March 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION

The Oracle of tonight invites experiencing the spiritual movement with happiness, connecting to the divine, riding the wave of gifts, in love with Damanhur and what we do.


Tear down the wall that separates you
from your divine nature.
Aim high within you.
The hurricane will lead to new breakthroughs,
New irreversible level in the Popolo.
The new dimensional level of play, to play.
A game in the great cosmic chessboard.
Social-spiritual movement
Envision planetary opening
Changes show a new, non-identifiable face
Acknowledge the green world:
you are allies in the same game.
Practice the opportunity for union
in a single important reason.
The non-return shot in an arrow with the will of the Quests.
Emotion, love, union of the Popolo
trail, track to the Great Return.
The one can enliven your innovative names.



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