Oracle for Damanhur, June 2014

Jun 17, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, June 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION



The Oracle of June 2014 is dedicated to Falco Tarassaco, on the occasion of his historic passage to other planes during the Oracle of June last year.


An indescribable Solstice you can live.
Moon and Earth in victorious spaces
may continue to harbor life.
Your place in the Worlds, changed.
Synchronic lines open. Arrivals.
At the Solstices, smiling, prepare yourselves for
important visits.
Eyes may ponder your light.
Your purity, in shared pasts, make it
The reigns approaching.
Be ready in every possible future scenario
for the emergency.
Increase artisan workshops,


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