Oracle response for Damanhur, June 23, 2013

Jun 25, 13 Oracle response for Damanhur, June 23, 2013


At Damanhur, we gather together with a renewed collective intention to love and connect with one another, to increase mutual support and attention, to be strongly united and feel as One in heart, mind and with our actions.

This month, the Rite of the Oracle of the full moon was held in this climate of love and closeness, also regarding Falco who had been ill for some time. Falco participated in the ritual even if he was bedridden at home in Aval; his presence could be felt, as in all the Rites of the Oracle. The connection to this ritual moment was stronger than ever, also because this Oracle was the portal for Falco’s passing. We Damanhurians feel that he physically left us at the moment of his choosing: summer solstice, super full moon, and during the reading of the Oracle message for Damanhur and Humanity.

Damanhurians, Initiates of the School of Meditation and guests at the ritual felt the emotion of the moment. It was, and still is, a time of transformation, love and especially, as Falco reminded us relentlessly over the last few months, of unity. We carry out his legacy, to continue to build Damanhur and make our collective dream of a new society where human beings can rediscover their inherent divine nature through the use of their talents, solidarity, the achievement of concrete goals, love of research and the arts, and a harmonic relationship with nature and the forces that inhabit it, come true.

The message of the Oracle this month is a special and unique message. It is a message of hope and love, the love that Falco would have wanted to transmit to everyone in these last moments of his life. It is a testimony that the death of the physical body is not a defeat, but rather a transition to celebrate with joy.


Rampant love

sweet and silent transformation

Horus has won

Damanhur is a cradle now

Astonishing endeavours

the Popolo of builders

still hides heroic gestures

Inner answers flow

Listen to the Conscience

The initiate responsibility is a guide

and treating each other well

friendships that bond and

attract do not isolate

Unimaginable healings happen in a sequence

Every instant is a healing of ripe possibilities

The divine Triad accepts your efforts and prayers


Click here to read about the Rite of the Oracle

Click here for information about attending the Rite of the Oracle at Damanhur

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  1. Nikolas Kavalenka /

    To all my friends in Damanhur I send you all Love and Light and share with you in celebrating this moment when Falco a spiritual being who chose to come here for a human experience and now leaves behind an extraordinary legacy for humanity under the guidance of all Damanhurians and friends of Damanhur.I enjoyed my time with Falco and will never forget our time together. Con Te Falco


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