Oracle response for Damanhur, September 19, 2013

Oct 08, 13 Oracle response for Damanhur, September 19, 2013


Miraculous experimentations.
The ear wants voice,
the ear wants listening.
Digitizations perpetuate
history and message.
Falco awaits the next step
for his return.
Not wasting resources.
Culture that grows via intensity works.
Instill within yourselves poetry and assistance.
Paratelepathic union used.
Joy and reinforced bonds
From the microlines intense pulsations.
Genius bearers of miracles.
Attentive. present
blockade the path from deceptive invasions

Words, thoughts, contacts arriving directly from Falco:

Guided by my steps
still with you
book that disappears
white pages have become
Sacred scriptures to make
sadness veiled removed
magic stored
become magicians
much power to you
human miracle multiply
secondary hearts tamper with my legacy
safeguard the work of Damanhur and mine from speculators
do divinations of where you are
hands open to the sacred
build walls and keep the writings alive
memorials go well with the works completed and in maternity
discover the data of healthy humor already said how
respect in the divinity of others
discover how to be dreamers
manifesting yourselves in the world, divining beings
those who act in the name of an ignited faith

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