Oracle response for Damanhur, December 17, 2013

Dec 20, 13 Oracle response for Damanhur, December 17, 2013


The Oracle tonight invites new beginning, be ready. Birth. Research of perfection and choice. This Oracle opens to a rich time of spiritual events.



Recall of synchronicity for synchrony.
Not only rules determine fluidity,
but the right flow.
Need to find harmony.
Sidelights of Damanhur
still in the spacetime fabric.
Your spaceship monument
travels in between the stars.
The seed is launched,
shimmer in the inseminated times.
Act as an enlightened Popolo,
act explaining love,
deploying love.
To superior points of contact
connect yourselves through the internal mirror.
To the inner divinity ask
the desire for connection and liberation.
Triadic ship that each of you
to choose the gift of human truth.
Amplify the sense of listening.
The dark thoughts are not yours:
other species yearn to subjugate.
The plan is completed only
with your will and presence.



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