Quokka & Quinoa: newest animal & plant names

Mar 18, 14 Quokka & Quinoa: newest animal & plant names

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If you are feeling stuck in a certain personality pattern, what better way to shift yourself out of it than taking on a new name? Or taking off on ‘Viaggio‘ – a spontaneous travel adventure with your friends and spiritual companions?

New vegetable names in the works. Who will conquer what?Change is the only constant in the Game of Life at Damanhur, and the electric buzz of transformation is in the air these days, as citizens take on new animal and plant names with great speed and fervor, and friends from Damanhur Centers – who participated in a recent ‘Viaggio’ with Damanhurians traveling to Damanhur centers in Italy and Europe – have received animal names for the first time.


Here’s a list of the new names!

Animal names of Damanhurians
Elena is Balena (Whale)WL003806
Mila is Tucano (Toucan)
Simon is Capriolo (Roe Deer)

Plant names of Damanhurians
Artemia salina Nigella (Brine Shrimp Nigella)
Chrysoperla Quinoa (Green Lacewing Quinoa)Quinoa
Geco Lupino (Gecko Lupine)
Lodolaio Melone (Hobby Melon)
Nausica Cima di rapa (Nausica Turnip Tops)
Sparviero Sughero (Sparrowhawk Cork Tree)
Allocco Tagete (Tawny Owl Marigold)
Razza Spirulina (Ray Spirulina)
Colibrì Argan (Hummingbird Argan)
Faraona Cicoria (Guinea-Fowl Chicory)
Serpentario Malva (Secretarybird Mallow)
Hobbit Margherita (Hobbit Daisy)


Animal names of Damanhur Center members

Florence, Italy
ManulLaura is Chiocciola (Snail)
Vincenzo is Colombaccio (Wood Pigeon)
Sergio is Inia (Amazon River Dolphin)
Patrizia is Manul (Pallas’s Cat)
Robert is Markhor (a wild goat)
Simone is Taipan (a snake)
Chiara is Amba (Snow Tiger)
Carla is Saola (Ox)The Viaggio comes home

Bermago, Italy
Luciana is Quokka (Quokka)

Bologna, Italy
Daniela is Gattopardo (Tiger Cat)

Zagreb, Croatia
Martina is Okapi (Okapi)
Dado is Maiale (Pig)
Hrovje is Grizzly (Grizzly)
Tomislav is Mangusta (Mongoose)
Ljiljana is Rusa (a deer)
Antonija is Torpedine (Electric Ray)Pig
Maja is Bertuccia ( Macaque Monkey)

Vienna, Austria
Martina is Labrador (Labrador)
Veronika is Bradipo (Sloth)


The Popolo votes on new vegetable names


What animal or plant name would you ask for? Share in the comments below…





  1. The plant names keep coming! At last night’s community market these new names came out:

    Saturnia Agave (Saturnia Agave)
    Wapiti Azalea (Elk Azalea)
    Indri Maracuja (Indri Passionfruit)
    Grillo Pino (Cricket Pine)
    Ragno Lattuga (Spider Lettuce)
    Muflone Maggiociondolo (Mouflon Golden Rain)
    Seppia Gelsomino (Cuttlefish Jasmin)

    More names will be assigned at the end of tonight’s ‘Serata’ meeting and in the serata Thursday evenings to come for quite some time. You can watch live, Thursday 7:40 pm Italy time at:

    • Congratulations!
      Fenicottero Lino (Flamingo Flax)
      Anemone di mare Centella (Sea Anemone Centella)
      Martora Enotera (Marten Evening Primrose)

    • Congratulations on your new plant names!

      Talpa Iris (Mole Iris)
      Centauro Cembro (Centaur Swiss Pine)
      Drago volante Ebano (Flying Dragon Ebony)

    • Congratulations on ever more plant names!

      Orca marina Aquilegia (Killer Whale Columbine)
      Cincillà Ajucca (Chinchilla Ajucca)
      Pavone Ribes (Peacock Currant)
      Pegaso Trifoglio (Pegasus Clover)
      Lince Prunella (Lynx Prunella)
      Zebù Crescione (Humped Cattle Cress)
      Cinciallegra Ortensia (Great Tit Hydrangea)
      Quaglia Cocco (Quail Coconut)
      Fagiano Lycis (Pheasant Lychee)
      Giabirù Tuja (Jabiru Thuja)
      Scimpazè Posidonia (Chimpanzee Posidonia)

    • Plant names from April 3:
      Alcedo Liana (Kingfisher Liana)
      Usignolo Camelia (Nightingale Camellia)
      Merluzzo Cardamomo (Codfish Cardamom)
      Astice Gingko biloba (Lobster Ginkgo Biloba)
      Pitone Rosa (Python Rose)
      Poiana Issopo (Buzzard Hyssop)
      Quetzal Tiglio (Quetzal Linden)
      Upupa Acetosella (Hoopoe Sorrel)

    • Congratulations, everyone who got plant names in the Sacred Woods on Sunday April 6!

      Alice di mare Narciso (Anchovy Daffodil)
      Albatros Finferlo (Albatross Chanterelle)
      Amadriade Lunaria (Hamadryas Baboon Lunaria)
      Basilisco Genepy (Basilisk Genepy)
      Biancone Leccio (Snake Eagle Holly Oak)
      Bucero Porro (Hornbill Leek)
      Calabrone Farro (Bumblebee Spelt)
      Caribù Sorbo (Caribou Sorbus)
      Chiurlo Cipresso (Curlew Cypress)
      Cuculo Ontano (Cuckoo Alder)
      Kiwi Henné (Kiwi Henna)
      Lama Ranuncolo (Llama Buttercup)
      Lepre Fico d’India (Hare Prickly Pear)
      Margay Larice (Margay Larch)
      Nyala Valeriana (Nyala Valerian)
      Pulcinella di Mare Cece (Sea Puffin Chickpea)
      Tritone Crisantemo (Triton Chrysanthemum)
      Tursiope Erica (Bottlenose Dolphin Heather)

    • Congratulations on names from Thursday, April 10!

      animal names:
      Karin is Zigola (Bunting or Sparrow)
      Tiziana is Beira (an antelope)

      plant names:
      Airone Bouganville (Heron Bougainvillea)
      Cernia Ippocastano (Grouper Horse Chestnut)
      Beluga Paulonia (Beluga Paulownia)

    • Congratulations on a plant name assigned Thursday April 17…

      Leone Bagolaro (Lion European Nettle Tree)

      Congratulations on animal and plant names assigned Thursday April 24!

      Giancarlo is Toro (Bull)

      Mammuth Alchechengi (Mammoth Winter Cherry)
      Leopardo Portulaca (Leopard Purslane)
      Genetta Carambola (Genet Starfruit)
      Arsella Stevia (Wedge Shell Stevia)

    • Congratulations for the new animal and plant names achieved during the celebration of May 29th last night!

      animal names
      Mirit is Murice (Murex)
      Gianluca is Assiolo (Horned Owl)
      Nicoletta is Idra (Hydra)
      Tommaso is Assapan (Flying Squirrel)
      Roberto is Cornacchia Grigia (Grey Crow)

      plant names
      Pettirosso Veronica (Robin Redbreast Veronica)
      Calamara Petunia (Squid Petunia)
      Iena Azuki (Hyena Azuki)

    • Congratulations to Maki for his oath as a Damanhur A citizen, and his new animal name, both in the same serata, June 5th!

      Gianpiero is Maki (a lemur)

    • Congratulations on new animal and plant names assigned in serata Thursday June 12! The animals went to Damanhur citizens from Japan!

      Chihaya is Troll (Troll)
      Ikuyo is Cuon (Dhole or Asian wild dog)
      Hisako is Casuario (Cassowary)
      Atsuko is Averla (Shrike)
      Yukio is Capricorno (Goat)
      Yuko is Tonno (Tuna)
      Cavallo Carpino (Horse Hornbeam)
      Carpa Echinacea (Carp Echinacea)

    • Congratulations to more of Damanhur’s Japanese citizens and initiates for their new animal names, acquired during the Solstice season, June 19-20.

      Midori is Codibugnolo (Long-tailed tit)
      Tamami is Zibetto (Zibet)
      Kimiyo is Trota (Trout)
      Shizuka is Gallo (Rooster)
      Reiko is Corgi (a dog)
      Mikako is Macaone (a butterfly)
      Hiroyoshi is Pagro (a fish),
      Emiko is Egret (White Heron)
      Mari is Ballerina (a small passerine)
      Hidehiko is Ayu (a river fish)
      Sayuri is Maltese (small dog)
      Takami is Cetonia (Beetle)
      Yusuke is Clione (transparent mollusk)
      Satoko is Rana (Frog)
      Naoko is Yamamai (silkworm butterfly)
      Makoto is Akita (a dog)

    • Congratulations on new animal and plant names, assigned in serata at the Amphitheater of Damjl on Thursday, August 7th!

      animal names assigned to Damanhur citizens from Tuscany
      Marianna C. is Cutrettola (Western Yellow Wagtail – a bird)
      Sandra B. is Margarita (Sand Cat)
      Luca B. is Salmone (Salmon)

      plant name
      Jacana Campanula (Wattled Jacana Bellflower)

    • Congratulations on the newest round of Damanhur animal and plant names, successfully assigned Saturday October 18th at the celebration in the Sacred Woods at nucleo community Tin!

      animal names:
      Tara is Ippopotamo (Hippopotamus)
      Nika is Tortora (Turtle Dove)

      plant name:
      Bonobo Goji

    • Congratulations on animal names given to new Damanhurians at the end of a Viaggio dynamic with the Sages of Damanhur.

      Elia is Gnu (Gnu or Wildebeest)
      Elvira is Shikra (a bird of prey)
      Setna is Baris (a snow leopard)
      Patrizia is Canaria (Canary)

    • Congratulations for those with new animal and plant names, from the serata of Thursday January 1, 2015!

      animal names:

      from the Damanhur group in Florence Italy
      Cristina is Camargue (white horse)
      Annalisa is Chilla (South American fox)
      Enrico is Caberu’ (Ethiopian wolf)

      Lorena from Modena, Italy is Lamantino (Manatee)

      Michele from Padova, Italy is Terrier (dog)

      from the Damanhur group in Croatia
      Susanna is Baribal (black bear)
      Verona is Yak
      Igor is Wombat

      plant name:
      Tigrilla Gardenia (Tiger Cat Gardenia)

    • Congratulations on animal names received after acting and making music for the last of six performances of the classic Damanhur theatre show “La Prima Ballata,” Monday January 19th!

      Laura is Verdesca (Blue Shark)
      Marina is Focena (Porpoise)

    • Congratulations on new animal names assigned last night at the community marketplace!

      Fabio M is Minotauro (Minotaur)
      Marina is Triglia (Mullet)
      Graziella is Cardellino (Goldfinch)

    • Congratulations on a new animal name!

      Hermine is Ululà (Hawk Owl)

  2. Congratulations on a new animal name, along with an oath for A citizenship at the serata on Thursday, April 23rd!

    Tanya is Napea (a frog)

  3. Congratulations for 8 new animal names given during the Popolo Spirituale May 29th commemoration birthday dinner, held June 1st at Damanhur Crea!

    Claudio M. from Bergamo is Storione (Sturgeon)
    Simonetta G. from Bergamo is Mula (Mule)
    Sandra V. from Palermo is Avocetta (Avocet)
    Luciano A. from Milan is Doberman (dog)
    Carmen G. is Dodo (bird)
    Rita G. is Gabbianella (little Seagull)
    Gaetano C. is Orbettino (Slow Worm)
    Mario F. is Mustang (horse)

  4. Congratulations on three new animal names given in Viaggio last week to our Icelandic brothers and sisters!

    Ásgeir is Ísbjörn (Icelandic white polar bear)
    Sola is Hulda (connected to ‘hidden’ beings in Iceland called ‘Huldufólk’)
    Stenthor is Moloch (Australian lizard)

  5. Congratulations on new animal and plant names given in the Sacred Woods Temple Saturday August 15th during the Terrazzatura celebration!

    Silja is Ninfa (Nymph)
    Giancarla is Torpedine (Stingray)
    Saltarupe Balsa (Klipspringer Balsa)
    Balena Piantaggine (Whale English Plaintain)

  6. Congratulations on three animal names acquired during serata Thursday evening, Oct. 29th, after an amusing theatre performance by those requesting their names!

    Iva is Argonauta (Argonaut mollusk)
    Susanne is Sfinge (Sphinx Moth)
    Juliana is Faina (Marten)

  7. Congratulations on new animal names assigned last week!

    Rebecka is Celastrina (light blue butterfly)
    Miriam Stella is Kookaburra (a kingfisher bird)

  8. Congratulations on a new animal name acquired in Viaggio!

    Beppe is Scorpione (Scorpion)

  9. Congratulations on an animal name assigned in serata Thursday December 24!

    Jasmin is Orcella (snubfin dolphin)

  10. Congratulations for new animal names assigned in serata Thursday Jan. 7!

    Daniele P is Camoscio (chamois)
    Nada is Calliope (Siberian rubythroat – a small bird)
    Janez is Argali (mountain sheep)
    Lutz is Pesce spada (swordfish)
    Axelina is Sválla (arctic fox)

  11. Congratulations to Annamaria C. who received the animal name Bramea (Brahmin moth) last night during the Game of Life anniversary celebration!

  12. Congratulations for the new animal and plant names assigned during the May 29th Popolo Spirituale birthday lunch celebration yesterday!

    animal names
    Christian B. is Marasso (adder snake)
    Barbara S. is Inachis (peacock butterfly)
    Claudia Vecchi is Pavoncella (lapwing bird)
    Giulio Guiaro is Gruccione (bee-eater bird)
    Alaya is Sogliola (sole fish)
    Peter is Gallo Cedrone (grouse)
    plant names
    Capodoglio Tabacco (tabacco)
    Assapan Pungitopo (butcher’s broom)
    Aringa Fortunella (mandarin)
    Idra Begonia (begonia)
    Nandù Moringa (moringa)
    Zigola Pioppo (poplar)
    Ciuffolotto Peonia (peony)

  13. Congratulations on animal names given to three Croatian initiates on Sunday June 26th at Porta del Sole.

    Miroslav is Skua (a seabird)
    Tatjana is Mara (guinea pig)
    Lorena is Neofelis (leopard)

  14. Congratulations for animal and plant names given during the Terrazzatura celebration August 15th!

    Franca M. is Ricciola (Amberjack)
    Elsa P. is Zibellino (Sable)
    Beppe C. is Sgombro (Mackerel)

    Minotauro Ginestra (Genisteae)


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