Falco Tarassaco (Dandelion)

Apr 22, 14 Falco Tarassaco (Dandelion)

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Damanhurians are continuing to receive many new animal and plant names, both new and older citizens. In the Sacred Woods, we are restoring the stone labyrinths, building new spirals in the woods and in many places in Damanhur. For many of us, it’s an opportunity to give energy and offer service in gratitude for the new names.

There’s a very special name that we have decided to give. Tarassaco (Dandelion) is the official flower of Damanhur because it grows locally, reflecting our love and connection to the land and native plants. In its flowering form, it’s bright yellow just like the flag of Damanhur, and it grows in clustered groups just like we live and grow in community.

It’s the plant name that Falco would have wanted, and recently we decided to give it to him! He would have been happy about it… well, we’re sure that he is happy about it because in some way, he’s aware of it! And Falco giving a presentationwe are too. So Falco’s name is now Falco Tarassaco. Congratulations!

That’s not all. To give Falco a plant name in this special way, we needed to take a step forward too, and so we have our first – and only (for now) – mineral name, given to Unicorno Arachide (Unicorn Peanut) for the intensity and intuition with which she participated in the elaboration that brought about the Tarassaco name assignment for Falco. So, she’s now Unicorno Arachide Diorite!


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