The dandelion connection

Apr 21, 15 The dandelion connection

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The dandelion (“tarassaco” in Italian) is the official Damanhurian flower. Why? Well, it’s yellow like the Damanhur flag, has lots of little petals just like a community has lots of people… dandelion flowers bloom in groups of six to eight flowers (the size of some small nucleos), and it’s even edible in salads!

Lately dandelions are blooming all over the place, bringing joy and color to the fields, and April is tarassaco month. So if you are walking around Damanhur, you may see people huddled around a dandelion cluster together. This is the dandelion ritual. It’s a way for Damanhurians and friends to connect with each other, through the dandelion plant. To perform the ritual, eight people find a bloomingtarassaco kids dandelion with at least eight flowers and each put one finger on a flower, for one minute. Breathing, smiling. The connection extends beyond the people participating, as the roots of the dandelion are intertwined with all the others, amplifying the web of connection through nature, with the Popolo Spirituale.

Other events celebrate the dandelion this month. Last weekend, a group of herbalists and plant communication specialists led by Pam Montgomery and Carole Guyett experienced “meeting the essence of the dandelion” with events and sacred moments to connect with the dandelion and plant world. The intention was to immerse in the energy of the dandelion and create a sense of understanding and exchange with this plant, learning techniques that can be used to communicate with any plant or tree, deepening a connection with nature. The group is working together to heal the relationship between humans, the plant world and nature spirits, in a spirit of love and respect. The participants used the essence of the dandelion to help reawaken their divine nature and evolve as human beings.

The events were held in various places around Damanhur, including the Damjl Open Temple, the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Woods Temple.






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