California dandelion initiation

May 28, 15 California dandelion initiation

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Jacqueline from Inverness, California shares about a special day of connection with Damanhur, dandelion energy and international friends, as well as special moments in her Selfic painting cabin.

On April 18, 2015, Wei-Li and I hosted this special day that started at our Selfic Cabin in Inverness, California. To synchronize with a group of 30-40 herbalists and nature-lovers from America and Europe who were doing a multi-day Dandelion Initiation in Damanhur and performing ceremonies in the Temples, Jennifer Radtke and Denise Schwab from the San Francisco East Bay – who are members of this herbalist group – Inverness2coordinated the converged timing. Our friend Barbara Versch who was visiting us from Germany also joined in. It was a bright sunny Spring day that expressed Dandelion’s energy beautifully. We sat quietly in the field and connected to Dandelion and the Land; and we drank deeply and ceremonially a honey elixir that Jennifer prepared with Dandelion essence – its taste was exquisite and pure!

We connected into the global implications of this initiation. Our group in West Marin California, while only 5 people, brought in many different lineages and lands from China, Taiwan, Vietnam to Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, & Slovenia to New York City, Milwaukee, & Sedona! The group in Damanhur was also from many different cultures, and the initiation was translated into 3 different lanInverness4guages. While doing a shamanic drumming journey, Jennifer saw the drum head transformed into a giant Dandelion flower: it emanated light out into the world and spread its seed and wisdom all around the world as she drummed, while we were all in a trance state of meditation. We felt the reverberations of both our work in California and Damanhur raising the vibration of our Earth, adding new light to Its aura. We then each spend our own quiet time on the newly energized land, communing with Dandelion and the wild flowers, the songbirds, the butterflies and the bees, the wind, and the wild magic of this Point Reyes seashore region. The falcons who live in the redwood trees on our land flapped their wings joyously – we felt Falco’s loving presence – blessing our day…

Inverness5We reconvened in the Selfic cabin. Each had personal revelations and received guidance while meditating with the Selfic paintings that came so vibrantly alive; and we divined with the Damanhur Bral Talej cards. As we completed our communion there, Wei-Li shared that he felt another level of initiation was infused into our Selfic Cabin. We look forward to further callings and manifestations through the Selfic Cabin – to help amplify positive energies for North America and beyond. We also welcome future simultaneous collaborations and ceremonies with Wendy’s Selfic Cabin in Scotts Valley, and with the Selfic energies in Damanhur.

Inverness3A few days before this special day, Esperide synchronistically visited us here in Inverness and brought us seeds from Damanhur that were sacredly prepared. They are precious gifts for our land from our Damanhurian friends to connect with Damanhur and with Wendy’s land in Scotts Valley. It was so auspicious to plant these seeds on this day to deepen our connection with Damanhur, and let the wind and the birds broadcast them throughout our region and beyond!

We each felt so much joyful gratitude on this very special day!

Jacqueline Sa and Wei-Li Nee
Co-stewards of the Selfic Cabin in Inverness, California