Now is the time!

Apr 16, 13 Now is the time!


The three years I have been coming to Damanhur have changed my life. I arrived in 2011 for the EcoVillage Design Education course and came back last year for New Life. Originally, I came to l earn about ecovillages; then I came to learn about life in community but what I have really learned is about the transformational power of love and how clear intention, a lot of work and the awakening of the divine self can change the world.

This year I have come back to Damanhur to learn how to deepen my commitments and be of service to the community. I realize that the investment Damanhur has made in me (and countless others) through its generous offerings in programs and opening to the world. I also know that I have been given a gift and that this gift is a call to action. I cannot be a child who takes my toys to my room, these gifts aren’t for me, they are to be shared. Therefore, I now know that my job in life is to bridge not only the material and spiritual planes of my life but to help serve as a bridge to take Damanhur into the world. Damanhurians, and many other concerned citizens of the world in the world, know that we are living in Cinderella time.

Planet Earth is 10 minutes to midnight and when the clock strikes the hour the magic and illusions of the dominate culture will all change as the real truth of our materialistic, capitalistic, spiritual and environmental collapse catch up with us. The citizens of Damanhur know this reality and have been dedicating themselves to changing the options and directions for the world. Now, I, and thousands of other world citizens want to join you. The community has made a commitment to Transmedia and this is exciting because it is going to give the other citizens of the world a new glimpse of what is possible. I am very happy because it will give me tools to help build my bridge so I thank you for this opportunity.

We must live our divinity and live in love. Falco has been reminding us all – Love is at the center of everything and each of us is an alchemist who is capable of changing ourselves as well as the world(s) that surround us. We are powerful beings when we come from that divine spark and if we unite with others, we can start a bonfire that will light the world. If we don’t listen to the clock that is taking us to midnight, we will become like the little “self” in Falco’s story – we will grow dimmer and dimmer and fade. I know we don’t want that sad ending to the story; each of us wants the bonfire of a sustainable, beautiful future for the earth and ourselves. With love and gratitude I thank each of you for helping me learn this lesson, for giving me and the world another chance to become the divine beings we are.

Con voi, Karen


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  1. Karen, I’m real happy to have met you, and thanks for being a bridge for me!