Dandelion festivity in the Sacred Woods Temple

May 19, 15 Dandelion festivity in the Sacred Woods Temple

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Rondine Ibisco shares some joyful details from Dandelion Day celebrated on May 3rd in the Sacred Woods Temple.

Tarassaco2What characterized this day was a sense of exchange, being together in various ways and experiencing spontaneous moments with Damanhurians and spiritual pilgrims from all over the world who synchronistically found themselves on our lands that day.

During the opening, we got into a big circle around a fire that was prepared and lit especially for the event. We were about 150 people, all united on a large field full of dandelions in bloom.

The day was pretty open, so we could feel at ease walking through the Sacred Woods Temple and nourishing ourselves with the energy and beauty of its reawakening, and walking the lTarassaco1abyrinths, which are a characterizing element of this place. In one of the newly-made labyrinths, we learned movements from Damanhurian Sacred Dance, because it is a place where Sacred Dance is especially indicated for making contact.

Homemade crafts and artisan work were displayed, from hats and keychains to clothing items with colors and shapes related to the dandelion. There was a dandelion elixir, carefully prepared with various parts of the plant, as well as dandelion flower essences. All the foods at lunch were based on dandelion: salads, tasty omelets, tarts and pies, dandelion pesto sauce and other delicious things prepared by many hands, with love.Tarassaco3

A scavenger hunt was organized after lunch. Happy voices of children and adults, who were running around and having fun, filled the woods with their joy.

At the closing of the day, we reunited around the fire, accompanied by the sounds of flutes and drumming, and felt everyone’s gratitude to have experienced such a bright day together.