Pyramids of the Sacred Woods Temple

Feb 17, 15 Pyramids of the Sacred Woods Temple

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The nucleo communities of the Sacred Woods Temple share their new achievement!

After many days of intense work, the new coverings for the Pyramids of the Sacred Woods Temple have been completed last month! Also, the area of the nucleo community Tin, where the pyramids are located, has been newly illuminated. The labyrinths of this area are dedicated to mind-body wellness. The energies of the labyrinths act at various distances from the earth and in different areas of the body, so staying in one of these beautiful raised pyramids will also be opportunity for new experimentation.

pyramids by nightThe first ‘researcher’ to spend many hours in the blue pyramid was a cyclamen plant, expert Music of the Plants musician, who filled the entire area with her cheerful melodies… except when someone would step over the stone paths of the labyrinth to get closer, instead of walking the entire path to the center. In those moments, the sequence of notes stopped and instead we heard a ringing sound, similar to an alarm whistle. Another curious case to investigate for those who are passionate about communication with the plant world.

For everyone, the Pyramids are new spaces for meditation. They are observatories for nature and the stars, concentrators of energies and a mix of colors to breathe in, to immerse yourself in for their color therapy effects. By day, they reflect nature, by night, the stars!