Rising up early in the Sacred Woods Temple

Feb 24, 15 Rising up early in the Sacred Woods Temple

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For many months now, we have been waiting for the day to begin beautifying some spaces in our home at Sorgente nucleo community in the Sacred Woods Temple. To realize this simple dream, we needed to prepare for the job, freeing a space next to the house of the objects and tools that had been stored there. The same day that the work was to begin, most of our community family woke up early and met together at 7 am! before going to work, to help out with the project all together.

It was still dark outside. We were pretty silent, though the beautiful thing about this moment was that I felt everyone’s sincere desire to contribute with their presence, to give a hand in completing this task. For us, it is a very common modality that we apply in many different circumstances, and yet, every time I have the fortune to be part of the energetic bubble that is created in those moments, I am aware of the richness that we have, the beauty and preciousness that each one of us carries as we unite with each other to achieve a common goal, with lightness and a smile. After an hour and a half, the work was complete. We were all satisfied.

bosco snowIn the evening, a white veil of snow silently covered the fields and trees of the woods. Within me, I felt the joy of another day lived with intensity and presence.

~Rondine Ibisco