Heart of the Sacred Woods Temple

Jan 27, 15 Heart of the Sacred Woods Temple

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Here’s another look at moments of union, spirit and joy in community life of the Sacred Woods Temple!

Like every Sunday morning, our day in the Sacred Woods Temple begins with a common rhythm. We all gather in a chosen place, that changes regularly so that we bring our presence to all the areas of the woods. Then we join hands to form a circle and we lights a small fire in a prepared and well protected area, inside a circle of stones or on one of the stone altars. We breathe together thinking with gratitude of the special place where we have the privilege of living, and we offer a short prayer to Pan – God of the Earth and the forests. The sound of a flute, an instrument the myth tells us that Pan himself loved to play, accompanies the lighting of the fire. If there is someone who knows Sacred Dance, the words of the prayer are also transformed into gestures to create an energy trace in the air.

Working together in the Sacred Woods

Then, together, we chant the Damanhurian mantra MOAE three times, as a frequency to harmonize us all. It only takes a few minutes, and in this way we begin the day in harmony with ourselves, with others and with the forces of the forest. Those who can, then they stay to work together to strengthen also in a practical way our bond with nature, making the woods more and more healthy, vital and strong.

Sometimes the circle widens to include also friends from other areas who come to help us out and its shape changes a little: this time it became a big heart!