Dandelion Day Sunday May 3rd

Apr 29, 15 Dandelion Day Sunday May 3rd

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Do you know the official flower of your state or country? Sometimes there are “national” flowers that we may or may not have a connection with, as these kinds of symbols can become banal and removed from a deeper meaning. At Damanhur, we intend to have symbols for our “Federation of Communities” that are not only names written in books or on websites, but rather real, living relationships with nature.

flowering and lifeIn this spirit, we have been celebrating the flower of Damanhur, the Tarassaco (dandelion), all this month. It’s also a celebration of Falco’s plant name. Many people have been doing the Tarassaco ritual clustered around a dandelion flower.

The celebrations will culminate on Tarassaco Day, Sunday May 3rd. It’s a day for the Popolo, dedicated to this beautiful, radiant yellow flower. Friends and guests are welcome to join! Events will happen in the Sacred Woods Temple.

Here are some of the main points of the program.


Sacred Woods Temple

10 am – Lighting the opening fire

11 am – Sacred Dance

Live Damanhurian music

Contact with the plant world and spirits of the land

Walking the labyrinthsCircuit in the Sacred Woods

Art dynamics

1 pm – lunch break

3 pm – Fun games

other activities continue

5 pm – Closing around the fire

Toast and drinks with live Damanhurian music

6 pmOlio Caldo ritual in the Sacred Woods Temple ritual circle


Everyone is invited to enjoy this day on the bright and joyful waves of the Tarassaco frequency, blowing dandelion petals to the wind with thoughts of love.