Damanhurians simultaneously united

Jun 23, 14 Damanhurians simultaneously united

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Words from Falco Tarassaco, spoken during his last Thursday evening serata meeting, via Skype, before passing from the physical plane one year ago today, June 23, 2013.

His invitation to us, to be united in friendship, trust and love, resonates in our hearts to this day. In his final days on the physical plane, he often spoke about the importance of a mystical approach to Damanhur and to life, staying in enchantment and awareness in all that we do.

“It is possible now that the Triad is solidified, mysticism takes the place of ritual. These are all potentialities that I would like to see brought back into the hearts of the people.

I would like to speak simultaneously to all the Damanhurians so that we can feel as much as possible in full serenity for that which we are. So, there are no barriers, we are who we are, we are people who are free to move as much as necessary within an extraordinary potential.

I would like to see friendship, unity and “simultaneously,” at the same time, as Damanhur citizens, we really need to feel united and do everything that we enjoy … “simultaneously,” we need to feel ourselves united.

We need to make it so that all citizens feel at the same level, that all citizens feel capable of being here, in the sense of not needing to escape into solitude…

You are all one, united. So be united. Be one. This is what is needed…

Speak from the heart. Be capable of connecting, in the present, in the past.

One for all, and all for one. If you are able to sense yourselves as a single soul, a common soul, it’s a wonderful thing. If there are problems, we resolve them together.

We are one, simultaneous.”


We are a new species





  1. Jeanne Getter /

    such a powerful words!!! This is what people need most! so grateful that got the opportunity to come to Damanhur very very soon!

    • Yes, powerful and simple ideals which we do our best to put into practice. It takes determination and love. Looking forward to welcoming you to Damanhur! con te!