Life as a modern Renaissance artist

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These days, it’s easy to slip into a vortex of consumer culture where all the clothes and objects around me are made by people I don’t know, living in faraway countries where materials, health and environmental conditions are questionable. The same with food and media. Where is the meaning and artistry in living this way?

There was a time in Damanhur when citizens revived the spirit of the Renaissance, experimenting with being creators in every field of craft and creativity. To come to a Damanhur ‘Renaissance’ dinner, it wasn’t enough just to find a date and make a reservation. You could participate only if you came with your own chair, Art is another way to Lovenot one you brought, but one you made with your own hands. You needed your own homemade plate and cup, fork, knife and spoon too. A cloth napkin sewn at home. Damanhurian clothes and maybe even shoes. It was in the spirit of Olio Caldo, radical self-sufficiency as reawakening of spiritual devotion to nature and earth.

When there was the call out to participate in the Renaissance dinner and art movement in this way, there were all kinds of reactions. Excitement. Enthusiasm. Curiosity. Perplexity. Anxiety. Anger. Some people refused to do anything at first, thinking that they couldn’t, that they didn’t have the skills or materials or time. But in the end, everyone dove in and did their best in making things they had never made before, and they were happy about it. They were proud. I made my own chair! Even if it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t support more than 120 pounds… who cares? I made it with my own hands. It’s shaped like a peacock. Everyday beauty creates ritual. #createsustainabilityAnd my name is Peacock.

Renaissance means rebirth and it is the perfect name for this art movement in Damanhur history. By making something with my hands, I am reborn to a new self, a new discovery, joy and identity. With pride in expressing my unique, individual frequency in a collective context where everyone is doing the same, staying up late at night carving forks and perfecting theatre scripts.

When you wake up in the morning and look around your bedroom, bathroom and house. What do you see? What objects and images? These are the imprints on your awareness that you absorb every time you go home. Do you want to make them more your own? The artist’s way is creating environments that speak through your own way of making things, with symbols that narrate a personal mythology.


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  1. Loaded Toaster /

    Art is the most important thing in the universe! i just love how damanhur is promoting spirituality through creative expression. I’m a spirtual artist myself. 😀
    Love and peace.

    • Returning Oblivion /

      I’m too depressed to make art. but sometimes i play with my food.

      • Art can be a powerful force of healing and getting back into the flow of enjoying life. And food is definitely a creative outlet, whether cooking or playing! con te

    • Great! Hope you can come visit the Temples of Humankind and be inspired for your art and creativity. All the best, con te!

  2. Health Day /

    Art is an awesome way of becoming a healthier being, keep playing with that food, Oblivion! <3