Synchronic horoscope: September 7 – September 13, 2014

Sep 07, 14 Synchronic horoscope: September 7 – September 13, 2014

Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


ARIES 4543 – The sun shines even when it is raining. You know it, but you forget it. Being in tune means being available. – From an image a memory. New forces.

TAURUS 3224 – From a balanced relationship, survival is born. – Experimenting, trying, practicing.

GEMINI 6234 – The wind. Changing states of consciousness. Respect for others to be well accepted. – It is the time to explore yourself and tell yourself the truth, bluntly.

CANCER 4221 – Give a little gift, even if it is not a special day. This is Synchronic in the chain of events. – Give to who you believe in, whatever you are able.

LEO 4311 – Today and tomorrow the earth is propitious for you. Above and below. Act. – Plants, enjoy them, watch them, grow them.

VIRGO 5516 – Why should you not be happy? Clear water lets the sunray go through. – Be clear and let the divine force penetrate you. You are.

LIBRA 2346 – Love. Good thoughts. More naivetè is living better. – Pleasant surprise from those who are really interested in you.

SCORPIO 3411 – The journey is not propitious. Like the ritual during the full moon, so is the seed at the new moon. Wait. – Not moving. Synchronic opportunities are nearer.

SAGITTARIUS 4535 – Time is relative to your desire. Elastic. Learning to desire. – Social news touches you deeply and brings changes.

CAPRICORN 5224 – Excessive fear of bad things creates bad things. Uncontrolled thought-forms. Sensitive aura. – Do not struggle with windmills. Choose well your true enemies.

AQUARIUS 3431 – The sun is larger in the morning, but it warms less. In the afternoon, when it is no longer a novelty, it warms more. Perseverance. – Beyond appearances, go.

PISCES 4312 – Today and tomorrow the earth is propitious for you. Above and below. Act. – Dig.



by Soffio

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