Damanhur News: Autumn, Rituals and Rhythms

Oct 31, 14 Damanhur News: Autumn, Rituals and Rhythms

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Time Never Stops, Do We?

It’s almost November!

Yet time doesn’t stop. This weekend we remember the dead, and then, in a flash, we will be at the next solstice – to a new winter (or a new summer, if you live in the southern hemisphere) – and to a new year. In the meantime, life continues to flow, news keeps pouring in from Damanhur and others…

Time does not stop. Do we stop? Are we in step with our time or, more likely, are we “late” compared to where we should be? Did you ever think that time is a container for events and our task is to fill it without leaving it half empty because we have not lived enough?

This is the meditation we offer you today: are you on time with respect to your time or are you late? And if you’re late, how can you catch up? What are the actions you should take?

It’s a complex meditation, perhaps more difficult than the others we have proposed, but there are those who can help you: friends, colleagues, people you love, those that have inspired you so many times, but are no longer here in their physical bodies. Dream of them, recall them in your thoughts, speak to them as if they were sitting next to you… and listen. This is the time of year in which their voices are more easily heard. With them, meditate on your time.

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Upcoming Events:
Great Rituals & New Year’s Eve

TheGreat Rituals mark the cycles of the year.

This weekend we’ll celebrate together the Commemoration of the Dead, and soon after the Winter Solstice.

In the days before both celebrations, you can come for a 3 Day Visit.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Temples of Humankind, reserve your space for “Midnight Action” where we say good-bye to 2014 and welcome 2015. Would you like to celebrate with us?

Visits and more:

5 Day Visit

Meditations in the Temples of Humankind

Oracle of Damanhur:
the Rite of the Full Moon

Come Visit

Study Calendar:
Schools and Courses

Sun Door in the Temples of Humankind - http://bit.ly/11VUpYG

Mystery School

A journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision.

January 2- 21, 2015
first year intensive

Click here for more information

Spiritual Healers School

Do you want to discover the hidden powers within? Do you want to be healed and “re-awaken” the healer within?

Dec 27, 2014 – Jan 10, 2015
first year intensive

Click here for moreinformation

Individual courses:

Astral Travel

Past Lives Research

Interpretation and Contact with Selfic Paintings

Inner Personalities

Study with Us

There’s a new Damanhur Center in the Netherlands:

Belmani_1For all of our Dutch friends, Gnomo Orzo, Damanhur Ambassador to the Netherlands, shares news from the center.

The Belmani center has just opened in a central area of Oosterbeek, a gracious and livable town in the eastern part of the country.

A welcoming and pleasant space, Belmani will host the Damanhur School of Meditation courses and other Damanhur courses and events.

The founder of the center is Marlene Swart, who came to Damanhur for the New Life program last year, as well as the School for Spiritual Healers. She’s just one of many examples of a New Life participant who has found a way to stay deeply connected to Damanhur through a practical project, as well as a deep friendship.

Click here to read more.

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United States

November 5-10, Nevada City, CA
Bral Talej, Readings, Conference, Past lives
Contact: Georgia Dow

November 14-18, Sebastapol and Santa Rosa, CA
Bral Talej, Conference
Contact: Tamara Easter

November 15-17, Geyserville, CA
Past lives, Card readings
Contact: Christy Hamilton

November 21-23, Esalen, CA
The Souls’ Strucure: Inner Personalities

November in Boulder, CO
Ancient Civilizations, Past Lives, Dreams, Community…Find details here

Interesting in hosting events in your city?

Click here to contact Damanhur in the World


8 november
Damanhur’s benadering van Spirituele groei, Karunika, Amsterdam

Meer informatie en evenementen

United Kingdom

December 5
Introduction to Damanhur Eco-Village, London, England

December 6
Ancient Civilizations of Humankind and Pre-Atlantean Civilizations, London, England

More events and information

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un-popolo-di-artisti Would you like to live as a temporary citizen in one of most successful communities in the world?

The New Life program begins every month! You can arrive from the 1st to the 5th and stay with us for three months to experience about our research, dreams, spiritual vision, community life and enjoy a beautiful environment full of sacred art.

If you feel this is where you want to be,
click here for more information.

Live Community

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

Damanhur Open Temple

A Spiritual EcoCommunity nestled in the hills of Northern Italy that promotes a culture of peace and holistic sustainability through solidarity, respect for the environment, arts and education.


Life in Action – Action through Play – Play integrated into Life

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