The sacred ritual called life

Jan 15, 15 The sacred ritual called life

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Sometimes, love at Damanhur feels like it moves beyond the confines of space and time. Lifetimes of connection, joy in finding each other and remembering…

Here is a love poem in this spirit, submitted anonymously from one of our readers:


remember remember remember

after a moment of eternity, colored by pain
the two missing parts of man and woman are again fortunate and able to meet and melt in sweet embrace
and from their ancient song of love the door into the galaxy opens
they journey hand in hand, courage and faith guiding
over waves of pleasure and bliss
into the world full of colors and stars

visiting ancient friends and peoples in distant galaxies, friends of another lifetime
discovering the bond of love that kept them united over time
and in perfect timing made them meet again
oh great creator, force of love and growth and new life
thank you for your complex perfection and your ancient mysterious moves

maskfor the bliss of your breath
the healing of your touch
mixed in the soft passion of your kisses
makes us wake up to your divine presence
and share these timeless moments of bliss with you
remember remember remember

eternal creator god, weaver of the fabric of our love
great ancient mother, giver of life and vitality
your mystical core is the anchor in our hearts that gives us direction
your thought is the matter of our world
your grace is the rain in the desert of our minds
and the sun that touches our skin in a cold winter night

without you our feelings would not exist and our emotions would not color our moments
now is the time we are called to serve you once again in playful children’s play, together together together
hand in hand, strong and clear with warrior’s strength, laughing out loud
to help remember each other and the brothers we meet, of who we really are deep inside, before we fell asleep
wake up, and
remember remember remember

lanikeato return into your arms and travel together in peace amongst the other beings of the stars towards new adventures
strong is your calling and clear is your voice
another life of service to your magnificence ahead of us
oh what a joy, oh what a song of love and friendship
sweeping our hearts wide open to ever new revelations of your magnificence
to be manifested now also down here on funny little earth, in the midst of form
in every day’s moments, performing the sacred ritual called life

remember remember remember