Network of alchemical gold

Feb 11, 15 Network of alchemical gold

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Study and experimentation with Alchemy is one of the most mysterious yet practical, fascinating yet natural realms of Damanhur. Tucano shares some of her motivations for being passionate and active in this area of spiritual research.

“For a long time, many Damanhurians have studied the ancient, magical tradition of Alchemy with Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, although I didn’t feel drawn to it until 2010, when Falco began offering a new Alchemy course open to everyone. So, in the general wave of enthusiasm, I joined in too just to see what it was all about. What happened then was I really fell in love with this discipline, which stimulated my desire to improve myself and my research in the field of magic. I have never stopped experimenting since then.

In Damanhurian alchemy, I go through a series of steps in preparation, following a discipline of personal refinement, and this is a true voyage of self-discovery. Falco defined Alchemy as a ‘pathway toward the perfection of human beings,’ and I feel it is really true. On a practical level, I learn how to harmonize within, to potentiate my sensitivity, to use my subtle bodies and ‘Inner Senses’ to create helpful substances. In Alchemy, transforming a substance outside of myself always means transforming something inside me too. I learn to contact beings that inhabit the subtle planes, to perceive the elements and the correspondence that they have within me. I learn how to move forward and backward in time with my own perceptions, how to direct events, how to manage my vital energies, how to experience art and the social realm in an alchemical way, how to use sound in magic. These are all fascinating things that you can choose to specialize in.

schema rit coloratoWhat makes studying Alchemy at Damanhur unique is that here, achieving Alchemical Gold is seen as the highest refinement of ourselves, as we reawaken the divine nature within us, using what we call the Alchemy of living forces. So we use our energies and emotions, time (which we understand as a territory that is full of life), elements and forces of nature and the subtle world. During the Alchemy study pathway, students can receive instruments that are prepared according to their personal frequency, to amplify our magical potential. Ancient elements of magical traditions of the planet are transmitted. A whole world is opened!

While in classical alchemy, you usually do a lifetime of research alone, in Damanhur the alchemist is seen as part of a network. I can integrate my personal research, discoveries and specializations with those of others, to get to places I could never reach alone. This makes it all the more exciting! We can all specialize in areas that we feel most called to, and it is very precious to share my specialization with those of others.

progetti-pilotaEven living with other Damanhurians in community life can been seen from an alchemical point of view. There is the specialization of Social Alchemy, amongst others, in which we are all considered alchemical elements that react to each other in our daily lives, and we are seeking the right formulas to achieve a more complex level of evolution for us all. From this point of view, Damanhur is a big alchemical crucible where we are preparing the seeds of a new species!


I’m excited about sharing Alchemy with those who feel drawn to this discipline, as I will be one of the instructors of a basic level weekend course March 22-23, 2015, which already offers some interesting and practical instruments to use. You are all invited to come participate! If you come, you can also go to the Spring Equinox ritual at Damanhur in that period.

Those who feel called to really deepen exploration in this field may participate in the three-year Alchemy School at the Damanhur University. See you soon!”








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