Tentaty, foods for body and spirit

Feb 28, 15 Tentaty, foods for body and spirit

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For Damanhurians, the body is considered as a temple, and the first way we can honor it is nourishing it with healthy foods. This is reason behind the creation of the Tentaty association 15 years ago, to offer a service of providing high-quality organic foods and products for the community.

At Damanhur, transformation and renewal are fundamental spiritual principles that we apply in every area of life, and the history of Tentaty demonstrates this too. In 2004, Tentaty moved into the former Adriano Olivetti establishment (now Damanhur Crea) in order to have more space and visibility. Over time, an area dedicated to fruits and vegetables was added, a butcher shop too, and ecological products for house cleaning and personal hygiene, herbal medicines, books and CDs. Tentaty currently has three associate members: Ondina Calla, Anatra Lichene and Alpaca Lavanda.

color spectrumTo support the local economy and locally produced foods and products, since the beginning of Tentaty, associates have been active in seeking out agriculturalists and producers who are open to using natural cultivation methods.

In order to have products that are sustainable and crafted with care in every phase of production, Tentaty emphasizes local production chains. For instance, you can buy bread made by the Damanhur Pan Mi Piace bakery, olive oil from the Damanhurian olive groves in Rimaggio, Italy in the Tuscany region. The seasonal vegetables, meat and honey are products of the Damanhur agricultural cooperative Punto Verde, and the cheeses are made by Scarabeo.

Selfic Panel detailThe energetic aspect of products is also important. The foods that we nourish ourselves with should also be food for our subtle bodies. This is why attentive people might notice a large wooden panel on the ceiling of Tentaty, right above the cash register, which supports a Selfic apparatus that serves to energize the food, bringing back the vital charge that foods may loose while being transported.