Damanhur in Australia: Alchemy and Research in Byron Bay

Mar 19, 15 Damanhur in Australia: Alchemy and Research in Byron Bay
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Inner Research
Saturday May 9

Alchemy of the Living Forces
Saturday May 16 – Sunday May 17


with Condor Girasole

May 9, 2015

Visione Spirituale: Spiritual Ecosystem

An ancient myth says humans had abandoned the way of spiritual research and connection with their own divine nature. So, the divinity hid this human divine nature in the most inaccessible places on earth, just to remind humans of its great importance, so it was hidden on the highest mountain, in the hottest desert, in the deepest abyss. But humans, even in the midst of great difficulties, managed to reach it. The divinity then decided to hide their divine nature within the human being himself, and since then, they have the greatest difficulty in finding it.

Even in ancient Egypt, there was talk of the treasure room, the room of the heart, that room where all the questions were kept, all the answers, all the knowledge.

The course of Inner Research is intended to guide you into entering this mysterious treasure room to retrieve the knowledge of the self and the world that is often so difficult to find.

The positions of inner harmonization, sounds, the path of the spiral, contact with subtle energies, and energy exchange are all elements that accompany the journey of researching the inner self.

Cost: AU$100 – Location: Byron Bay, Australia

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with Condor Girasole

May 16 – 17, 2015

Selfic Painting

During this two day course, the student is introduced to the world of Alchemy both theoretically and experientially. The first thing you will learn are the instruments important in this field of knowledge; our physical and energetic bodies, our sensitivities, our thoughts, our emotions, Nature’s forces, and the Elements. You will begin to develop your Alchemical knowledge, and thus your potential, through one of the primary instruments – The Elements. In this case water and fire. During these two days of learning about and refining oneself, you will arrive at a point where you will make the first “alchemical potion”. It will be used, as is usual in Alchemy, to activate a transformation process within you by utilizing a substance outside of you.

Cost: AU$259 – Location: Byron Bay, Australia

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These courses are taught by Condor Girasole, one of the original founders of Damanhur, Federation of Communities. He is currently one of the Sages of Damanhur and guides the social and spiritual aspects of Damanhur along with two other Sages. He is a spiritual healer, School of Meditation instructor, and has organized courses for the School of Meditation all over the world for many years.

If you have friends and acquaintances who may be interested in these courses, please invite them to come and forward this email.
Thank you! Con voi!

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  1. I am very interested in participating in the course of Inner Research to be held in Byron Bay 9 May 2015

    Thank you


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