Art as spiritual awakening

Apr 03, 15 Art as spiritual awakening

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Being an artist is already a revolutionary choice… deciding to direct your energy, actions and time on the planet toward beauty, expression, emotion, communication, connection. Preserving history, advancing new paradigms.

What can elevate being an artist to an even more advanced dimension of spiritual completion? What makes art sacred? What makes an artist spiritual? I’ve been collecting some thoughts and quotes from Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, on art and spirituality. Today feels like a good time to share them. Friday is Art and Creativity day on the Damanhur blog and social networks!


Someone who makes art is potentially an artist, in theory, but they will only be a true spiritual artist if they receive from beyond themselves. At the most, they will be an excellent craftsman who creates things, who is “available” to do things. This means that an artist, without a connection to the spiritual aspect, will never really be an The artist is bridgeartist, at least in the Damanhurian sense of the word.

An artist is someone who lives in the moment, and is also able to condense it into something. This “something” can be a subtle condition. It could be poetry, a painting, a sculpture, an art that doesn’t exist yet.

Art is an easy instrument for spiritual awakening. We don’t need to go to extremes of transcendental meditation with fasting and whips.

Art is meditation through objects.

In the Temples of Humankind, everyone may have a go at art, experience the alchemy of it, with improvements within and beyond the self.

In collective art, everyone adds something. Sculpture in rock, edification of walls, walls that hold paintings, pathways of dance in movement, in many dimensions.

Art becomes extreme when it recreates its own ecosystem. The Temples are a complete ecosystem.

~ Falco Tarassaco


In some ways it’s simple. Enlightenment can come through the opening of awareness and connection with the divine in the simplicity of chiseling marble or cutting stained glass. Putting all the individual Art and Creativity: Temples of Humankindpieces together to make a mosaic of diverse colors and shapes, just as we are in a process of refining and communicating with all the parts of ourselves, tuning all the voices into an orchestra of light.

Dedicating time and space to art and the creative process at Damanhur has changed my life. It is healing. It is transformation.

It’s moving to see this transformation in others. I’m looking forward to seeing this and feeling the energies of the first Damanhurian Art School intensive this year, April 11-25. Damanhur guests and friends may also experience artistic classes and sessions during their stay. Contact the Welcome Office for details.